Thursday, 1 February 2018


One of the greatest nightmares any man could be faced with is to have as wife an unrepentant nag! It could drive a man berserk. You return home from the office after a hard day's work, and you're greeted by an intolerably nagging wife who won't let you have a moment's rest. You start to feel your home has become a hell hole, you don't know when your wife's in a good mood, you're scared she could blow hot again the next minute. Has your lovely wife changed into an irritating nag overnight? Do you sometimes feel your home has become a hell hole? Here are 5 ways to help you deal with a nagging wife'

  • When she suddenly starts to nag without reason, stay calm. Don't get angry with her. Simply draw her close to you and give her a kiss, this will douse her anger and get her mind off nagging for the moment. Then, you can get her to tell you what the problem is and you can both work it out.
  • Surprise her. Melt her heart by doing stuffs she doesn't expect. Take her out. Buy her gifts.
    Let her know how special she is to you. When you see she's relaxed and enjoying herself, ask her to tell you the things you do that she doesn't approve of so you can address them because you want to give her no reason to nag again.
  • Talk to her about appreciating differences. Let her know nobody's perfect. You have also got to examine the things she nags about, are they justified? Is she right with her complaints about you? If you know sincerely you are the reason she nags all the time, make a sincere and conscious effort to change your ways, e.g. drinking habit, gambling, endless late nights, womanising,etc.
  • Be firm with her. When you need to be soft, you go soft with her, and when you need to blow hot, it is wise you also do so. When you've tried all sensible means to get her to change and she's not changing, then put your foot down and let her know her nagging is driving you crazy. If you threaten that the next time she makes the house unbearable for you, you'll leave the house for hours and may not return until you're sure she won't bug you when you return home. do not hesitate to do exactly that if she does it again.
  • Let her know she has to accept you and your faults for now, while you strive to make changes, and that you are also prepared to accept her faults as well. But most importantly, let her know having her nag all the time doesn't make you happy and you would like to see to see her turn a new leaf as well.

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