Sunday, 6 May 2018


Women are very sensitive creatures. Little things a man may consider inconsequential could be a big deal to them, especially when it comes to relationships. Its okay if, as a man, you barely remember some important dates in your life, but when it involves your woman, and you forget, my brother, you're on your own. Most women do not take it lightly when men forget their important dates. As far as they're concerned, "If I'm truly important to him, he wouldn't have forgotten!" And you know what they say about the fury of a woman, it can be better imagined than experienced. But really, seriously, one of the easiest ways to  make a woman love you and consider you very special for life is when she knows you never forget her special days. Here are five romantic dates important to your wife you must never forget.

1.HER BIRTHDAY: On no account should you forget your woman's birthday. This is simply a no, no! Every woman looks forward to this day knowing her man would most likely be the first to wish her happy birthday with romantic messages and words that would reassure her of your love for her. And of course, she expects the gifts to come too. So, how do you think she'd feel if it turns out you don't even remember? Knowing women, she'll start wondering if you still care at all. 

2. YOUR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY: This one is simply a no- go area. Don't even think about it. Forget your wedding anniversary and you incur the wrath of your woman. Most women do not find it amusing when their husbands forget their wedding anniversary, they see it as a special bond that ties them together with their beloved husband. So, if you do not want to see a mini-Third World War in your home, never forget your wedding anniversary. 

3. YOUR DATING ANNIVERSARY: This one is equally important. A lot of men do not pay attention to it but most women do. The day you began dating your wife is almost as important as the you got married to her because if you never dated in the first place, there would be no wedding. 

4. THE MONTH YOU PROPOSED: Another equally important one. A lot of women consider this day one of their happiest days and they expect you to feel same way about it. The month you proposed never leaves the memory of a woman, it stays with them, just like their wedding day, for the rest of their days. You can then imagine how super excited she'll be when you surprise her with a gift and show to her you haven't forgotten the day. 

5. YOUR CHILDREN'S BIRTHDAYS: Now, you don't want to go there! We know Nigerian men can be forgetful with their kids birthdays, especially these days when everyone is consumed by pressure to pick up those bills that have been made more terrifying by the hard biting recession. But sincerely, you have no excuse, you just have to find a way of remembering these dates so you don't make your woman feel terribly hurt. She expects you to consider your kids just as special as she does, and not remembering their birthdays can be so heartbreaking sometimes.

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