Tuesday, 1 May 2018

7 Simple Ways You Can Be a Better Husband

When you have a happy home, and a happy wife, you are certainly guaranteed of a happy life. This is a cardinal Law. But unfortunately, most men do not realise this. And the few who do realize it do not pay good enough attention to it. They not only hurt their wives consistently, they maltreat them sometimes, causing their partners unimaginable heartbreak. Deep down inside you, you know pretty well this is wrong and you cannot continue to bring the woman you love such unending misery. Below are seven ways you can improve on your relationship with your wife and be a better husband.

1. KISS HER EVERY MORNING: This is quite simple, right? But it is very effective. When you kiss her in the morning and perhaps in the night too before she goes to bed, it will mean a lot to her. And more than anything else, it will melt away all the anger inside you that you had been bottling up against him.

2. BE PROTECTIVE: One of the ways a man can easily win over the heart of a woman anytime, any day, is when she finds out that you're very protective of her. For instance, let your wife see that you shield her from members of your family who simply do not want to respect her as your wife for no just cause.Don't say this is Africa and so your mother or big Aunty can scold your wife whether rightly or wrongly, no. She is your wife, no matter the issues you have privately, you must fight for her and protect her. This will make her love and respect you more.

3. SUPPORT HER IN THE HOUSE: I know most Naija men may not take kindly to this, but it is important. Help your woman with the chores. If she's busy washing, help her do the dishes. She will know you still care a great deal about her. This can even be one the most romantic foreplay to prepare your wife for a great time in bed..

4. DO NOT IGNORE HER SEXUAL NEEDS: This is absolutely wrong. Most guys tend to forget about their woman's sexual needs either because they have too many mistresses outside tending to theirs or they're too busy to care. It is wrong. Love your wife, body, soul and spirit. Do not make her suffer sexually, do not starve her of sex. Show her you still adore her and still find her physically attractive, no matter how many kids she has given you. 

5. REMEMBER IMPORTANT DATES: Don't you ever forget important dates that are important to her, such as her birthday for instance. When a man fails to remember his wife's birthday, she concludes he no longer cares enough about her. Make it a rule to not only remember her birthdays, but also celebrate it with her, no matter how low keyed.Also remember your wedding anniversaries. 

6. SAY THANK YOU: It is important to her that you appreciate her for taking good care of you, your kids and your home. A simple thank you to her once in a while will not hurt you. She will deeply appreciate it. 

7. TELL HER YOU LOVE HER: This is very key. Every woman craves to hear her man tell her how much he loves and adores her. Make her happy all the time by reminding her how much she means to you.

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