Thursday, 24 May 2018

I am Tired of Cheaters and Liars; How Can I Start to Make Right Choices?

First, it is important to note that this is not a strange problem in the world of today. It is a common challenge among ladies; especially young and naïve ones. However, it can be avoided to a very great extent if you become more careful and do the needful. You may need a change of orientation to be able to have this problem solved.

I will advise that you start choosing men using your head and sense of reasoning and not just your heart. Don’t let love and emotions cloud your thoughts and judgment when deciding on a choice of man. If you use your sense of reasoning, it will be easier to spot the wrong man immediately, no matter how hard he tries to pretend. Sometimes, women fall in love with a liar, from the very start, even when they notice tendencies of he not been truthful, they even see signs that he might be cheating. But because they are madly in love or desperate or have gotten attracted to one thing or the other they have found in the man. They overlook all the other negative signs and keep forgiving him and accepting his flimsy excuses. 

Do not
settle for less, you are very beautiful and the right man for you is out there, maybe yet to meet you. Some people's destinies are to marry early, some are meant to marry in their late 30s. If God already planned your life and his plan is for you to meet your husband and get married in your late 30s, then why sweat now and date the wrong guys, trying to change God's plan. You may even miss the right man because when you met him, You were dating the wrong person so you didn’t give him your attention. So, don’t rush into any relationship just because you don’t want to be single, if you meet anybody, use your sense of reasoning and analyze men properly based on the right parameters.

 If you notice any sign of lies, cheating or any sign that he doesn't love you enough then my dear, just let him go, You deserve better. And it's best to settle with a man that loves you more than you love him, men fall out of love easily and get bored easily, so it's better if he loves you more than you love him, that way, By the time his love for you reduces over time, then it will be on the same level with your love for him. Also, don’t make the mistake of thinking you can change a man. Don’t think when you start dating him, he will eventually change and start loving you and treating you better; chances are that he will get worse, because men often show their best behaviour when the relationship is fresh, not when it's old.

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