Thursday, 17 May 2018


If you missed my last post, then I suggest you check it out here. It's something a lot of women out there can relate to.We talked about the various issues women who are full time house wives against their wish have to contend with, sometimes without their husband having any idea what the wife is going through. The various issues mentioned are low self esteem, depression, financial dependence, boredom etc. All of these happen to the woman when she can no longer cope with just sitting at home, tidying up the house, taking care of the kids, preparing fabulous meals for her man and also,ensuring she keeps him warm through the night. While some women can be contented with this sort of routine, some are unable to live with it. It's like a mental torture that's tearing them apart, but it's difficult to simply put a stop to it now. It has to be done with caution otherwise it could degenerate into something pretty messy. So, how best can a woman deal with these issues? Here are a few tip that we think can be of help.

IRON THINGS OUT WITH YOUR MAN: This is the first step. Yes, I know, you have discussed the issue with him before and he didn't do anything about it, right? Okay, fine. But the truth is you have to continue talking to him. Don't get tired of sitting him down to let him know how much you're hurting inside, speak with him, let him know you're fed up just sitting at home and wasting away when you have the potentials to do something greater with your time.

GET BUSY: You must look for some means to engage yourself. As a full time house wife, you certainly must have a little spare time on your hands every now and then. Engage yourself. Get involved in church activities. And if that won't excite you, find women groups within your community that you can join and keep yourself busy with. You could, for instance, get involved in little NGO activities in your area. When you do not have too much time to sit at home brooding while the kids are in school, depression surely will keep away from you. Go spend time chatting with friends and see how you guys can up with ideas of projects that can get you engaged.

START A SMALL SCALE BUSINESS: This is a must. You must find a way to start some business no matter how little. This will not only take care of depression, it also helps to keep you financially independent. You won't have to wait on your husband to give you every single penny you need. You don't have to start big, just raise a little money, go get really beautiful items that aren't too common from the market and take them round to offices, shops and friends to sell. This will also keep your sanity and win back your self esteem. 

MAKE YOURSELF HAPPY: It is important we all know something, no one can give us true happiness except ourselves. Its our choice to decide whether we want to be happy or not. No matter how sad and depressed you may be feeling right now, there must be a few things in your life that bring you happiness when you remember them. You can dwell on such things. It could be your children, your modest achievements so far in life, or even your husband. And it could be listening to good music, dancing, chatting with friends, worshiping God, etc. Whatever it is that you know brings you joy, focus on that and shut down the sadness.

FINALLY, PRAY: This is just as important as the others. You must take the situation to God via prayers. You need him to touch your man's heart and let him know how badly you want to get out of the situation and get a breath of fresh air. And if there is anyone who knows how to soften the hardest of hearts, it is the Almighty. So, speak to Him and all shall be well with you. Good luck.

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