Saturday, 23 June 2018

How do I stop a guy I don't like from flirting at me?

This happens to women all the time. You find yourself having to stomach the flirtatious moves of a guy you feel absolutely nothing for. Sometimes the guy has no serious intentions of getting any meaningful relationship started but he just enjoys playing Mr. Smooth guy with babes. Sometimes he even embarrasses you in front of your friends and guys, making you look like you're his babe! That may have been no problem if you fancy him, but in this case, you no dey even feel the guy, like our babes would say. And you don't want to be rude to him. So, what do you do? Here are seven steps you can take to stop a guy you don't like from flirting with you.

  • Tell him in the hardest way possible that you don't like it when he flirts with you. When he starts telling you how cute you look and how much he desires you, cut him off straight away and letting him know you don't like him talking to you in that manner. If you speak to him that way instead of smiling approvingly at him, he'll surely get the message.
  • *Let him know there's somebody else you're crushing on and you fancy very much. And it doesn't matter if you're lying. The idea is to get the guy pissed off so he'll leave you alone.
  • *When he flirts with you, tell him you don't feel comfortable about it because you see him only as a friend. Let him know you can't be interested in a relationship involving him.
  • *Don't get into texting games with him. Avoid responding to his flirty texts, especially if he tries to engage you in flirty texts late at night. 
  • *Another way to piss him off is to get close and cosy with another guy you really like in front of him. He won't like it one bit, but it may surely send him the right signal. 
  • *Ignore him repeatedly. It doesn't matter how many times you run into him in a day, ignore him still. There are guys who simply do not know when a lady is not the least interested in their flirty games. So, you must not be frustrated, continue to ignore him until he gets the message.
  • *If you have tried everything and the guy is still bugging you, then look him in the eye and tell him to leave you the heck alone. Make it clear to him you don't like him one bit and would only prefer to have him as a friend. But if he insists he wants much more than that, then make he waka one time!

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