Saturday, 2 June 2018


Let us face it, every woman wants a man who can take her to ecstasy and back. Whether we admit it or not, especially in this part of the world (Africa) where sex is still regarded as sacred, sex plays a very pivotal role in marriage. A very healthy sex life between couples almost always guarantees a happy relationship or marriage. Sadly, not every woman is enjoying a healthy sex life. We are not talking about the category of women who are being starved of it, no, that's a story for another day. We are talking about the women whose husbands are not getting it right in bed, particularly those men who can't seem to last long. Below are a few tips that might help you get your man to last longer in bed and give you something close to what you'll call a super performance!

1. NICE AND SLOW: Tell your man to take it nice and slow while he's inside you. He shouldn't let the excitement get the better of him. While he's thrusting, he should rather go slowly, like one thrust in every three seconds. When he feels like getting close to orgasm, he can stop, hold his thrust, and then continue. 

2. EXTEND THE FOREPLAY: This one works like wonders. If your man is the type that loves to climb his woman and penetrate the moment he gets an erection, then you need to teach him how to foreplay. And for a reasonable length of time too. Don't let him mount you, ready for penetration once he's aroused, you guys need to play with each other first, touching each other in all of those places that drive you crazy. During a prolonged foreplay, he could ejaculate some of the semen that could've driven him to full orgasm during actual penetration. This could guarantee that he would delay in ejaculation during the main event.

3. AVOID ALCOHOL PRIOR TO SEX: A lot of men do not
know this, but alcohol before sex does you more harm than good. Sure, it can give you the courage to walk up to her and ask her out, but that's where it ends. Taking it before sex is a capital NO! Alcohol makes you lack the ability to control your man parts because they would've gone weak on you as a result of the alcohol in your system. Alcohol reduces your performance so badly you may never make it to the second round.

4. GET HIM TO WORK OUT: If your man is the type that has no time for exercises and work outs, now's the time to drag him to the gym, or at least, get him to jog and do little exercises within the house or neighbourhood. Naturally, exercises build your stamina and make you go through all those humping and grinding during love making without losing steam and your woman is the happier for it. 

5. REST WELL: Getting a good rest before sex is really key. It helps the man store up a lot of energy and stamina that would enable last longer in bed. This is why it is advisable that you sometimes let your man get a good night sleep and rest and then, early in the morning, wake him up to give you a really steamy round of great sex and you'll be amazed what you'll get. This is why many couples prefer the early morning way, it is the best. Its always better than when he comes home from the office exhausted or tipsy with alcohol.

6. BLANK OUT YOUR THOUGHTS DURING SEX: This has been described as one of the oldest tricks in the book and probably the most effective too. This is how it works. Tell your man to shift his focus away from your pretty face and sexy body while he's inside you and instead begin to think of something completely unromantic-e.g. think of the next football match between his team, Chelsea and their biggest rivals, Manchester United! This will temporarily distract him from the moment and enable him last a few more minutes as he would be delayed from ejaculating. 

In the next couple of days, we'll serve you guys the effect of alcohol on sex and your libido, do continue to stay glued to Teekayspeaks. Cheers!