Thursday, 14 June 2018


One of the biggest dillemas women have often been confronted with is deciding who to choose from between a rich, cute looking guy they're crazy about and a not so rich but also good looking guy they're also crazy about. For different reasons you love these two guys but you're scared to make your pick for a husband. You don't want to make the wrong choice and then end up having to endure a miserable marriage for the rest of your days. And people are saying to you, 'what are you confused about? Dump the broke ass and drag Mr. Rich and handsome to the altar fast before another smart girl beats you to it.' But should money always be the major parameter in deciding who a woman should choose as her husband to be? Can money supersede love? Here are five possible issues you may have to contend with when you choose a man with loaded pockets over an average guy with tons of prospects who loves you like crazy!

OVER BLOATED EGO: Ask most ladies who have been in relationships with rich, good looking guys in the past and they'll tell you many of these guys have over bloated egos. In other words, most of these dudes think too highly of themselves. To put it bluntly, they often act like they're doing you a great deal of favour dating you because they have hordes of babes dying to replace you and be in their arms. This is why they always carry on like, 'if you mess up, I'll get another babe to replace you even before you walk through the door.' 

ALWAYS FIGHTING COMPETITION: This is a fact and you know it, with a rich and handsome guy, there is no rest for you. You will always be warding off and fighting other women in a bid to keep them away from your man for as long as you both remain together. Its a cross every woman married or involved with a rich and handsome guy has to carry. Every woman wants your man because they are attracted by the same qualities that attracted you to him.

SHOWS NO RESPECT: This is a fact too. Most men who are rich and cute very rarely
show respect to their women, except of course if you're the woman who was with them from the very start before they hit it big. They see their spouse as nothing but a part of the furniture in the house, something they acquired like the other fancy objects in the house. Strangely though, some women put up with this attitude, because according to them, 'na him money I want, not his attitude!' But if you're a woman who insists your man must respect you, yet you want nothing but a fine, loaded guy for husband, then be sure you're not settling for the wrong man.

UNEXCITING: Are you one of those babes who love exciting guys? Are you always excited by a guy who's an absolute fun to be with? Then think twice before you go for that rich and handsome dude, excitement might be the last thing you'll possibly get from him! This is because lots of women have often complained that most rich guys are boring to be with. They seldom have anything fresh, exciting or deep to share with you. You will have to be providing the excitements while they simply just sit back and watch you amuse them. 

LACKING COMMITMENT AND DEVOTION: If you're looking for profound commitment and devotion from a man, a rich guy is probably not the guy that can give that to you, please try next door. Most of these rich dudes are too engrossed in several other things that are getting their attention, expecting him to be totally and absolutely committed and devoted to you every passing day might be asking too much from him.

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