Friday, 31 March 2017


It’s always vital not to leave a bad impression when you jump in the sack with your guy. Try cutting out the following, and he’ll be your friend for life.

For most people, sex is life and life is sex. The search for sexual pleasure cannot be compromised for anything. There is a general fixation on sex and anything related to it. What it is and how it is performed have kept many people-young and old- fascinated. People everywhere are constantly trying to better their performance in bed and to give their partners the best sexual pleasure they can.
But things don’t always go according to plan, because great sex seems always to elude many people to the extent that, rather than make their partners happy, they seem always to create dissatisfaction and at times, annoyance. Both parties are to blame for this state of sordid affairs, but to be specific, attention will be focused on those things that the females do that guys just positively dislike. Gone are the days when it was generally believed that guys are the only ones who can go wrong. If you’re a girl and you’re reading this, try not to commit the following sins…

During sex, some women have this annoying habit of just lying down like a log of wood. Sure, women are takers and men are givers, but doing nothing and just taking seems a bit selfish, men don’t like this. Despite the fact that the man is on top, the woman should move and flow with the rhythm. By moving, you show your man that you love to have sex with him as much as he loves to have it with you. This not only makes him happy, but it encourages him in more ways than one. If your man is the type who cares about giving you pleasure and you lie there looking like you’re dead, then it might just affect his sexual performance, because no one loves to make love to a ‘dead’ woman.

Men hate it when women don’t use their lips. Almost every woman would agree that she likes to be kissed. Well, same goes for the men. They love it when women kiss them all over. This simply drives them crazy. If you want to satisfy your man in bed, kiss him, tease him and play with him. But if you want a recipe for a break up, then keep your lips to yourself.

Guys hate it when women expect to be controlled all the time in bed. It’s true that a man should take control of the situation, but when he finds himself doing this all the time, then he would soon tire of the whole shenanigan. The only type of women who think that men should take all the control in bed are the old fashioned women. Modern day, proactive women assume some measure of control, or share control. Taking control send a strong message to the guy that you want it now! Dictate the pace and tell him what you want to do and what you want him to do to you, and you can be sure your man will be very excited and pleased. Sometimes, men just like to be controlled.

Insensitive women put men off. Just because you’re a woman and you expect to have a sensitive man at your beck and call doesn’t mean you can’t reciprocate in the same way. A man’s body is really sensitive and a woman who doesn’t know or take advantage of this can find herself ostracized emotionally. Ladies, don’t be egotistic, do your best to make him feel as good as he makes you feel.

Men are tired of taking the initiative to ‘turn on the heater; whenever the sex life gets tepid. They don’t always like to be the ones doing all the necessary moves needed to put a little shine on the sex. Once in a while, they’d love it when you take the bull by the horn and show up in the bedroom adorned in some sexy new outfit. While you’re still wearing that sex outfit, slow dance in a seductive manner and you’ll drive him crazy. Little teasing with sexy clothes gets them all excited about the upcoming sex. So ladies, don’t be shy. A shy woman in bed can make a guy curl up on the far side of the bed after it’s all over.

(Written by my colleague, Wale Lawal)

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