Thursday, 22 June 2017


Do not ever think you have to continue calling your ex, or showing up at the places they go to or are likely to go to for them to see you and miss you. That hardly works. You need to completely cut them off, no calls what so ever. They will not miss you if you keep showing up where they are and acting desperate. Do not ever
make the mistake of thinking that if you stop contacting them and stay away they will forget you, they will not. They need to feel your absence for them to miss you. They will not miss you if you constantly show up at places they go to, stalk them on social networks, ask their friends and family about them and bombard them with calls and messages, thereby reminding them of why they fell out of love or got bored with you.
And while you are keeping to yourself, use that time to work on yourself. Get better in every aspect of your life. Concentrate on your work or business or education, progress financially. If you dnt already have a job then get one or start a business. Save more. Work on your body and looks as a whole. Make new friends and do things you love, to make you happy. If your ex finally runs into you or starts missing you and checks you out on social media, let them see an improved, happier and more focused or successful you, not a crazy you that is throwing shade at them,  doing nothing positive in life, just miserable or taking tasteless or half nude pictures or doing senseless things like snapping with the opposite sex alot just to get their attention. Let your social media accounts not scream, ' am only doing this to get your attention or get at you'. 
And most importantly, do not start posting quotes like 'am busy doing me, I dnt have time to chase after you' or 'you left me, your lose'. And do not work on yourself or take my advice only with the intention of just getting your ex back, do it for you. They broke up with you in the first place, what makes you think they will not do it again when you eventually have them back? Do not live your entire life trying to please or keep a man or girl, people who want to stay with you will do so without you stressing over them or going out of your way to keep them. Nobody deserves your tears and nobody should have the strong power to control your emotions, mistreat you and still have you thinking of them 24/7 and practically living for them. You deserve better than that.

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