Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Men's and Women's Sexuality

There has been controversies about the sexual prowess of a man and woman. Most times people term the males as dominant and the females as receptive. Where do you stand? For me I will give a few points, then you decide where you stand. Most women have receptive sexual desires. Research has proven that for most women, their desires are triggered by thoughts and emotions which may arise during sexual excitement and not before. For most men their desires are triggered by the physical attractiveness of the woman before sexual excitement. It is worthy of note for men to understand this fact about women(their wives, partner etc). If a husband becomes upset because he wants his wife to pursue him sexually, and he thinks she's not interested in sex because she's not doing so, he is actually not giving her enough credit. 
Most wives and partners will respond immediately and eagerly to their man's sexual advances but they might not initiate it because they are not created that way. One factor worthy of note is our cultural heritage or orientation, which explains sexual feelings as an initiating behaviour, it is very hard to identify a woman's receptivity as desire. They respond based on the feelings that generates or grow within from the man's advances. One undisputable fact is that men and women most often respond to different types of sexual stimuli and approach their sexuality differently. Research has shown that most women enjoy sex once they are minutes into foreplay and not before. The woman's system needs to be aroused and stimulated, the reason why its is good for the man to be patient with his lady, and encourage more foreplay before sex is because this brings closeness between spouses. 
Most of us assume our partners should act or react the way we do. If we understand that most men are proactive with sex and women are reactive, and accepting and respecting these differences we can allow a woman's sexuality to count and forestall infidelity in relationships.
So men, next time when your woman doesn't respond like you expect, don't jump to conclusion but take your time to understand how her sexuality works.

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