Friday, 16 June 2017


When there are issues in a relationship, both partners have to be willing to work on resolving these issues. It can't be done by only one partner. Most times people often take for granted the efforts their partners make or sacrifice so as to have a stable and healthy relationship. Its all about hard work, conscious efforts, sacrifice, compromises etc. One person can't bear the brunt of all issues in a relationship, the two of you are in it together. Let me stress it here that, You have to be WILLING and ABLE to work for it. 
There is a very big difference between
willing and able. Its not just enough to say I am willing to work on it and just sit down doing nothing, you have to show it, prove it, be able to start on it, do something rather than sit and be content with words of mouth and no action displayed to prove it. Many of us fall into the category of words without actions. Some of us don't even have the willingness to work. We are of the attitude that " if she/he likes let them go i can find another one". Thats true; you can find another one but for how long? Will you continue like that for the rest of your life? Is that your life philosophy/ambition, hopping from one relationship to another like a butterfly? We do this and loose the essence of a beautiful, healthy and lasting relationship. Having a great, successful, healthy relationship is not a bed of roses. 
Lasting relationships are built as a team and not by one person. There are times when you find thorns in between- but as a team, you work to remove it so that if one person gets stuck on it, the other partner can pull him/her off it. You should also know that as humans, we have limits of tolerance and patience and when that limit reaches it final point, the next is breaking point. There are limits of slackness we can handle and tolerate, some have long span others have short span but they all have a termination point and when that point is reached, there is nothing you can do about it anymore. 
Here are two tips for you:
1. If you find you have issues, rather than sit and wait for things to unfold and get complicated in your relationship, I suggest you sit up, brace yourself and work to save your relationship 


2. If you find yourself fighting alone for your relationship with your partner not showing any interest in the relationship and not willing to even raise a finger to fight for things to be back on track, then I think its time you move on.

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