Monday, 24 July 2017

GET YOUR MAN HOOKED TO YOU FOREVER - Follow these simple tips

Well, every woman likes it when their Mr. Right is hooked to them forever, but sadly, that doesn't always happen. Having a man who likes you is one thing, but keeping a man interested in you forever is another kettle of fish altogether. Many relationships often start right but sometimes end up crashing mid-way owing to one mistake or the other from one or both parties involved. Women should be willing to accept that sometimes when they complain of not getting their man's attention, often times its down to their own faults and mistakes that the situation is what it is. Now, to be brutally frank, these mistakes are almost endless and some women just go through their relationships gliding from one mistake to the other. Here are a few tips on how to deal with some of these mistakes and get your man hooked on to you forever.

1. STOP BEING TOO POSSESSIVE AND DESPERATE: If you have the habit of clinging to your guy always, calling your partner every half an hour or questioning his every action, stop doing so this very minute. Being too possessive and desperate will make your guy get tired of you and the relationship and he might just decide to walk far away from you. 

2. BE PRACTICAL AND REALISTIC: A successful relationship, to a greater extent, depends on how well you understand your partner. You would be chasing your guy away if you demand your guy to be with you always. Remember, your partner has a life other than just being with you. He needs to devote time for his professional and family engagements. Give your partner enough breathing space, after all, a bit of distance makes the heart grow fonder.

3. EXPRESS YOUR LOVE: Yes, your partner needs to hear the word, LOVE, too. Do something special for him, write him a special love message and post on your face book or Instagram page. Send him romantic messages via sms while he's at work. Buy him a gift or give him a surprise, depending on your partner's mood. It is not only the ladies that love getting gifts from a lover, it excites guys too when their woman present them with unexpected gifts. 

4. SPEND QUALITY TIME: No matter busy your work may get you, you must create time for your partner. You must endeavour to spend quality time with him. Interestingly, a lot of immature women spend more time fighting and arguing with their partners rather than spending time loving him and knowing him better. Married women can at least try doing something like having breakfast or dinner together on a daily basis. This little time you spend eating together will avail you of quality moments to bond together. From eating at home together, you could now try eating out together and having what you can call mini dates. 

5. CONTROL YOUR ANGER: This is very critical. A lot of women often make the mistake of venting their anger or frustration on their partners even when he's not directly or remotely connected to the reason for their state of mind. Ladies tend to do this when they have had a very bad day at work or somebody got them angry, they transfer their frustration and talk to their partner in a sullen and displeasing manner. Sometimes, they go as far as giving their man a verbal bashing. Instead of letting your anger fly, sit down with your man and let it all out. Hug him, put your head on his shoulder and let it all go.  

6. DRESS UP: Men like groomed women. Keep yourself beautiful and attractive for your man. Take special care in the way you look and dress up. Try to stay clean and look your best always. Have a scented bath, wear a nice perfume, give yourself a make over or even wear a special dress for him. Many wives welcome their husbands back home from the office still wearing the wrapper she had on in the morning when he was leaving, except that, this time, the wrapper is all dirty and smeared with oil and soup from the kitchen. 

7. BE LESS MATERIALISTIC: Every guy respects and adores a woman who thinks less of draining his purse, rather, she thinks of how to support and help him move to the next level in life. Not that we're saying you should not make financial demands of your husband or partner, but it should be within reasonable limits. You should not be stretching him beyond his purse.

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