Thursday, 13 July 2017


It is very exciting being in a loving relationship and for people having this experience, life couldn't be better; but for others that ecstatic or pleasant feelings don't last forever. In some cases, couples could resolve such issues and move on, but at other times theses issues could be the beginning of the end without one of them knowing the relationship was already on the line.
Research has proven that most often such relationships must have enjoyed some very good time that's why its often difficult to realize that the relationship is heading downhill. A psychologist advised that "people who are getting unsettled about their marriage could do an appraisal on what used to be and what it is at the moment, to determine if all is well in the relationship". To this end, it means there are signs that will show if one partner is tired of the relationship or if the relationship is heading for the rocks.
1 - They are happier with you in public: In such troubled relationships, some persons are treated better in public but really terrible at home, they are like wild animals. It proves that they are tired but because they are trying to avoid suspicions from outside, or interference, they pretend as if all is well.
2 - If your partner frequently compares you to an ex: It is not that bad or wrong to have certain expectations from one's partner and in an ideal situation, experts say "people should be able to constructively convey their thoughts and expectations to such partner without causing harm to their self esteem". But when your partner is frequently comparing you to his or her 'wonderful' ex, or any other close person, then you should know they are tired of the relationship. In a good relationship, you should make each other feel special, wonderful and should focus on the partner's strength rather than weakness.
3 - Your sex life has gone sour: Sex is one beautiful activity that binds couple together in marriage, and interestingly, even when couples are not in good terms they push their differences aside and still have a "romp in the sack". According to a relationship coach, when couples' sex lives become irredeemable, that relationship could be hanging by its last straw. This is so because it could lead them into extramarital affairs, and eventually rip them apart. Sex is the glue that binds, it is the way adults play and enjoy each other
4 - The partner does not apologize: Married couples are often advised to apologize to each other even when they are not at fault for the sake of peace. But there are instances where one person feels or act as if they are always correct, hence they would never apologize. They trend of a healthy relationship is one in which both parties are able to take responsibility for their mistakes and try to repair and make amends.
5 - Putting children first: It's quite understandable that children are product of both partners, but as marriage counselors and psychologists have often said, parents could pay attention to their children without making their partner feel less important. Thus when in everything, your partner always puts your children first, then there's trouble lurking around the corner.
6 - Lack of communication: This is one of the most important tool needed for every relationship to stand and have a solid foundation. When your partner stop communicating with you and decide to make an ex or someone else their close confidant, then you should know that your relationship is heading downhill.
So, when you begin to notice some of the signs mentioned above, you should know break-up is not far fetch. I would rather you start working on your relationship than letting it dwindle down.


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