Friday, 7 July 2017


It is quite pertinent that most times married couples assume that lack of sexual intercourse is the reason for infidelity, lack of passion, or sparks on the sex bed etc. I have reason to believe that daily life sexual habits go a long way to rectify dying or sour relationships. Let's look at the following tips
How often do you give each other a quick kiss or peck? You might under-rate this but it works. I would suggest instead of a peck, since it can be given to friends or family, why don't you give your partner a full and passionate kiss on the lips whenever you are coming in or going out. Please don't say this is for young couple or those without much work. It is for every married lover. This will definitely leave both of you with intimate and passionate feelings for each other, and the connectivity it will help you both to discover will be very strong. This could be done anywhere, anytime. It is good sometimes to do this in the presence of the kids, (although with some sense of responsibility) relatives or even neighbours so as to drive home a message. It is known that couples don't make love every night, so on those no-sex nights, you could do with some little intimacy instead of just rolling in and going to sleep. I would suggest that if possible, couples should come up with signals that will send a message to their partner like" I want you even when we ain't having sex". It's a big turn on and will keep your spouse on their toes in anticipation of the "night". 
How often do you both shower together? This is one habit that can trigger sexual feelings between couples. While you are at it, give each other a massage. After which you can just sit in bed to cuddle and talk, remember the good times you've had, and how to make it better, the things you share, the attractions that brought you both together rather than groaning about what you hate about each other. 
When was the last time you tried something different? Ventured into unfamiliar territories? It helps to create lasting memories together that will end up being a reference point of memories in your future.
So... I advice instead of waiting or basing on sex, for intimacy, we try these sexual habits and more to rekindle your passion.