Saturday, 22 July 2017


Women have often wondered what it is that men look for in a woman. What are those strong traits and attributes that attract a man in a woman and makes him want to have her for keeps and not just for a roll in the hay? What will give a woman edge over her rivals when it all comes down to the man making his choice from the handful of women scrambling for him? We have seen promising relationships hit the rocks because somebody could not find answers to these salient questions. What we seek to do here is to take you through six things that we think, from our research and findings, could make you the proper wife material for your man.

1. BE ENGAGING: As a woman, you shouldn't be contented with just watching and listening to your man speak about the challenges of his job or the frustrating state of the economy, you must engage him in discussions too. If you know your hubby or husband to be loves
to talk about the economy, pick a bit of interest in the subject too and find out the state of the naira against the dollar, the falling prices of oil, etc. No man likes a pretty but dumb woman, you want a woman you can leave in the company of your enlightened friends and she'll hold her own pretty well till you return. 

2. SHOW INTERESTS IN HIS INTERESTS: This is also very key. Research has shown that couples who share same interests often last longer than those with conflicting interest. If your fiance loves football, and you couldn't give a hoot about the round leather game, but you do love him and would like to share in his passion, then begin to show interest in his favorite pastime. He would be thrilled to see you following his Premiership club. Guys love it when they drive out to watch matches at joints and hangouts and their babe is right beside them decked up in the jersey of the club they follow. If his interests lie in showbiz, or music specifically, then share it with him. Any guy would find it embarrassing, for instance, if his babe cannot even recognize Olamide or Wizzkid when she sees them on television. 

3. YOU KEEP IT REAL: A lot of women don't keep it real, instead, they fake it all the time. Everything about them is fake. From their phony and annoying accent to the fake flamboyant lifestyle they try to portray, it is all fake! What this does is that it makes you come across as vain and materialistic, even though all you wanted to achieve was make yourself look as sophisticated as a big girl should. Most men don't like this, not even now that men deal with an awful lot of pressure everyday and the last thing they need is a fake and annoying wanna be wife!

4. SHARING HIS PROBLEMS: How many young ladies out there show interest in the problems bugging their guy? Instead, its always about them! They expect the guy to catch cold each time they sneeze because they feel its his responsibility to take care of them and their problems, so, he's not supposed to be the one having issues and expecting them to go out of their way to support him. This sort of attitude can never make a sensible man come scrambling for you. Support him 24/7. Call him up on the phone regularly to find out how he is dealing with the problem and show genuine concern. You definitely would win a man's heart with this any day any time. 

5. LAZINESS IS A NO-NO: Very few men can tolerate a lazy woman. The thing is, once a woman's lazy, chances are that she'll be unbearably dirty too. What with dirty dishes littering everywhere in the house, dirty clothes over due for laundry and to probably compound matters, she can't cook! You are as good as out of his life already. No man wants to come back home from work and meet his crib in a mess, you must be domesticated as a woman'

6. BE INDUSTRIOUS: This is probably the most important on this list. As a woman, you must be industrious, don't sit back at home and expect your man to go out there in the sun and go slave for you while you loaf away all day. No man wants a liability. Dust up your certificate and go find work with it. If you don't have one, then go start a business, deep down in our hearts, we guys respect and adore a woman who simply won't rest until she brings her own money home.

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