Thursday, 31 August 2017

8 secrets behind my happy marriage - My True Story

Today I wish to share with you some secrets behind my happy marriage. I'm sure you would love to know why even after 10 years of marriage we still are as happy as newly married couple. Take some time to read through, you may have something to learn from this...

1. We are each other's best friend. It's been like this for years. He tells me everything and I tell him everything too. We don't make any serious decision without asking for the opinion of each other.  We don't keep secrets from each other. We play together watch movies together, gossip together, we practically do everything best friends do together. And this is important for a successful marriage because when your spouse is your best friend you find your marriage more fun and it will be easier to discuss everything together. 

2. We don't let people come between us. My husband and I understand the importance of marriage, we know that marriage is a bond between the husband and Wife. We don't let family members or friends tell us how to act in our marriage, especially if their opinions are negative ones. We don't allow anybody to influence our love for each other. It's important to not let people interfere in your marriage or relationship because they don't always mean well and sometimes they do mean well but their opinion doesn't matter because nobody knows your spouse like you do.

3. We have a lot in common. It's important for couples to have some things in common because only then can they have activities together, have things to gist about together and also get along better as friends. For example, you can both love football and have your own clubs that you support, that way you get to watch football together and gist about it, or you can both love similar kind of movies that you watch together during your leisure time.

4. We respect each other and also respect each other's opinions and interests. I respect my husband a lot and the respect is mutual. I also respect his opinions even if I don't agree with them or if they are different from my ideas. 

5. We support and encourage each other. I understand that my husband needs me by his side, he needs my full support and encouragement for him to succeed so I try my best to be as supportive as I can be. And he supports me in all I do too. With every business idea I come up with, he supports me emotionally and financially as much as he can. A woman is the backbone of the family and the husband is the head, we know this and we play our role as backbone and head of our family respectively. 

6. Even after many years of marriage, having had kids and all that, we still try to look good for each other. We take our looks very seriously. I know that even if a man loves a woman for her good behaviour and attitude, he still wants her looking good for him to continue been physically attracted to her. So I try my best to remain in shape, to take care of myself from my hair to my toe nails. I try to be fashionable and clean always. I also keep the house tidy, clean and scenting nice. I don't want my husband coming home to an unkempt house.

7. We try to spice up our marriage with activities and gestures.  Some of you must have noticed pictures we take while out having fun, we go out to party and have fun once in a while, we also take a day or two from our usual daily life and go away from home, just the 2 of us, a place we can bond with each other, do things we can't do at home with the kids and visitors around. We do not allow parenting to end our love life and romance. Sometimes on a work free day We just stay in the otherroom (bed room) and watch movies on DVD, make good love to each other... we dont even leave the bed except to eat or bath. We have some series that We both love and We buy them and watch in our room. We love our kids deeply but that doesn't mean we should let go of our love for each other and our marriage. By the way, happy parents means happy home and that also means happier kids. We also have pet names for each other. I tell my husband all the time how much I love and appreciate him and he says the same to me. He comes home every now and then carrying gifts for me. I can proudly say that I can't remember when last I shopped for myself, my husband showers me with gifts from clothes to shoes and luckily for me, he has a good dress sense. I reciprocate the gesture too, most times I go shopping, it's for either my kids or my husband. It's not a competition, it's just something we are used to doing. He thinks of me first when shopping and so do I for him. Sometimes I take pictures and send to my husband while he's at work, accompanying the pictures will be a romantic message, reminding him of his beautiful wife at home that loves him so much and misses him. All these gestures are essential to keep your spouse happy and content that you love them and they love you too. It's important to keep your marriage interesting and fun filled.

8. We compromise in our marriage. Marriage and relationships are about compromising, you can't say everything must be done your way or done to please you. You are not the only person in the marriage. Sometimes I cook meals I dont really like just because that's one of my husband's best meals. And you have to know that nobody is perfect, you have flaws too or there are things you like or love that your spouse will have to put up with. You should understand each other and respect each others interests.
9)We never keep grudges in mind against each other. One of the most important attributes to have in marriage is forgiveness and understanding. Avoid going to bed angry at your spouse. What ever the issue is, talk about it, resolve it then let it go. Dont bring it up in the future.

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