Thursday, 8 February 2018


One of the biggest dilemmas a lot of women often face when dealing with men is the inability to know when a man is being truthful with his feelings and when he's not. This becomes an even bigger issue when the woman finds herself falling for a man that's already married. How can a woman know when to draw the line in her relationship with a married man? What is she supposed to believe when he tells her he loves her? Here are 5 key truths a woman must understand when another woman's husband tells her "I LOVE YOU."

1. When he tells you he loves you, he is only saying so because he wants female companionship and he has chosen you to be that companion. Not only does he want to keep seeing you, he also wants to try and get you emotionally bonded with him. You can be sure that once you've offered him all he was expecting, and he is tired of you, he certainly would move on to find himself another fresh babe that will excite him.

2.. When he tells you he loves you, he may also be telling you,...
'mumu, its your body I love, not you.' Truth of the matter is, he may want a change of menu. "Wifey may have been feeding him only white rice, now he wants his rice fried and garnished". And you are the one who's going to serve him that garnished fried rice in bed, with your body! Yes, it can be fun at the start, but soon, because a man will always be a man, he'd soon grow tried of your fried rice and he'll be looking for something else, trust me, no matter how hard you try to garnish your rice this time, he will dump you and walk away to find himself another fresh bush meat!

3. No matter how many times he tells you he loves you, he's not going to leave his wife and kids for you, except of course if their marriage had been troubled long before you came on the scene and it was only a matter of time that it would crash. Outside of that, he will stick with his wife, lie to you that he loves you just so that he continues to take advantage of your body and get from you that adventure he has been yearning for.

4. You may mean nothing to him! As strange as this may sound, its highly possible. You mean nothing to him. Forget all those lies he tells you about him no longer feeling anything called love for his wife, its all lies. This is why, with most men, the moment their wife finds out about their affair with another woman and she goes berserk, threatening to bring the roof down and even wants to confront the other woman, most often than not, the man quickly cuts off all ties with the lady to save his marriage. That's when you'll realize that the only woman he truly loves is his wife.

5. His family will always come first. Except if the man is an unrepentant womaniser and an apology of a man, his family will always come first. You will always play second fiddle in his heart. Yes, he might be telling you all the sweet and lovely things he knows you like to hear, but you CAN NEVER take he place of his family. When you have outlived your usefulness, he will terminate your contract like he's terminated that of others before you!

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