Tuesday, 13 February 2018

VALENTINE’S DAY - 10 Facts You Must Know.

Feast of St. Valentine (February 14) or Valentine’s Day as it is popularly called is a day the CHURCH celebrates Saint Valentine. This day has been misunderstood and given several false interpretation. To many, it’s just a day of fun, to some, a day of casual sex and romance, to more a day of exchange of gifts and to others a day of deep reflection. But what should it be and what actually is it?
Here are 10 facts you must know about the very popular Valentine ’s Day.

1.      It is a Feast Day in the Church, just as the church celebrates other Saints and Martyrs of the church. Do you celebrate other Saints and Martyrs too?

2.      St. Valentine was a Priest of the Roman Catholic Church

3.      St. Valentine was persecuted and executed for performing WEDDINGS to soldiers who where forbidden to marry and also for ministering to Christians persecuted under the Roman Empire of Emperor Claudius II

4.      Even in prison, St. Valentine restored the sight of the blind daughter of his Judge. Forgiveness!

5.      St. Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the Catholic Church every year, as well as the Anglican Communion, Lutheran and Eastern Orthodox Churches.

6.      You do not have to be lovers or share any romantic affection to celebrate Valentine’s Day. St. Valentine did not express Romantic Love to the soldiers or persecuted Christians but empathy, sacrifice and human concern.

7.      St. Valentine’s story was never associated with CASUAL ROMANCE but with WEDDINGS. Let only the wedded celebrate Valentine’s Day to that level.

8.      St. Valentine dies for Love of Christians and fellow humans. Are you willing to die for love? What can you do for love?

9.      The younger brother of Charles VI (The King of France) in the 15th Century sent the first Valentine’s card to HIS WIFE with a poem.

10.  A great day for MARRIAGE PROPOSALS. Studies show that 10% of yearly marriage proposals is recorded on Valentine’s Day. Hope you are considering it already? Hmmm let’s watch you make that bold step…

Finally, if you consider Valentine’s Day worth celebrating, you should also celebrate other Saint’s whose feast days are marked by the Church. 

Attention should be shifted back to the origin and root meaning and significance of valentine’s Day rather than recording the high rate of Condoms and other contraceptives sales and use, Sex toys gifting, increased STD transmissions and Unwanted/Unplanned pregnancies.
Happy Valentine’s Day.

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