Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Why is it important to be in love? Here are 5 Key reasons.

Today being Valentine's day, I want to talk to you all about the importance of being in love. Love is a beautiful thing and there are a lot of benefits you can get from falling in love and being loved back. This is just to encourage those of you out there who have either given up on love or dont believe in love, to just give love another chance. That you have been hurt by someone you loved doesn't mean love is to blame, it simply means you unfortunately fell in love with someone who doesn't know how to love. There are still people out there who can love you perfectly without you begging or asking them to. Below are the few benefits of love; 

1)IT IS GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH;  It's medically proven that being in love and being loved back can reduce blood pressure, also a strong romantic support system protects the body from developing high levels of cortisol which is a stress hormone. This helps to protect you from various diseases including Cardiovascular diseases such as stroke. Love can also boost your immune system. E.t.c

2) LOVE INCREASES SELF-CONFIDENCE; people in healthy relationships tend to be more confident in all areas of their lives. It has been proven that being in love and being loved back by the same person reduces depression in both men and women.
Having a positive self-esteem comes from
being validated and receiving affirmation that you have worth. For example, there's a way you carry yourself with so much confidence throughout a day if 1 or more persons tell you that you look good. So, being loved right gives you that confidence everyday. It assures you that there's something worth loving about you and you are important.
With improved self-esteem, people in love are often more capable of achieving and maintaining their professional and personal goals in life.

3)LOVE INCREASES YOUR PHYSICAL APPEARANCE AND GENERAL WELL-BEING; People in love are more keen on looking good, dressing well and keeping a good body to impress their partner. A simple example is how you notice that your kids are old enough or already having love interests by how conscious they become of their appearance, they suddenly want to look good while going out and all that. It's the same for adults too, people care more about how they look when they have someone they are looking good for.
Love also makes you look younger. That healthy glow from being in love isn't a myth. Many studies indicate that pple in happy relationships look physically younger than those who aren't. With the increasing blood flow to the skin, being in love can increase the supply of essential nutrients and oxygen to your skin cells, making you look healthier and younger. 

4)LOVE INCREASES LIFESPAN; Since the beginning of time, humans have depended on one another for survival. As social animals, we all have biological drives that naturally makes us want to find an intimate bond with others. Not finding those connections may result in stress and other factors which can affect our lifespan. Researchs show that pple in loving relationships have a lower death rate than those who are single. Spending time with pple you love has an extremely positive effect on health and can cut the risk of an early death in half.
Also, pple are less likely to risk their lives in dangerous behaviours when they have a loved one depending on them at home. Pple act more maturely and even drive more safely, take care of their health more when they have a loved one in their life. That's why you notice most people becoming more responsible when they have kids.

5)LEARNING AND SHARING NEW EXPERIENCES AND IDEAS; You learn new things and share experiences with people you love. This is also why it's important to fall in love with someone with different life experiences and ideas. So you can both learn from each other. You also get to go on trips together, vacations and experience new things together. People are more likely to travel, create new adventures and have fun when they have a loved one to do it with.
Love also improves your mood.
Happy Valentine's day.
May you find Love and be loved back even more.
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