Sunday, 18 February 2018


This is a warning to all women, expecially married women who prefer to leave the running of their homes in the hands of a house maid, who often times not only helps in keeping the house, but also helps madam to 'keep' her husband as well. The story you're about to read broke out in my neighborhood just days ago. Nene and her husband have been married for just a couple of years. They have two little kids, a boy and a girl. Nene works in the bank while her husband is an IT specialist and works with a private company on the Island. Just a few months, Nene decided she needed a housemaid because
she didn't like the fact that her kids don't get to come home from school until she picks them around 6.30 pm, and by then, they'll be too tired and hungry to even acknowledge her when they see her arrive. She spoke to a few people and Veronica was brought to her from the East. She hadn't been to Lagos before, so she seemed naive and immature. But Nene did admit something about her, she was a good looking girl, dark, leggy and curvy too.And that made her to even like the girl more. She liked the fact she had a pretty housemaid in the house, taking care of her kids and the home. She didn't even give a thought to whether her husband might be tempted to 'collabo' the 'immature', her husband had no time for such frivolities, he's too busy trying to make money, she often told her friends.

Days ago, she got a call from one of her kids Aunties in school saying her little boy was running temperature, She promptly went to her manager, requested to take the rest of the day off and zoomed off to go pick the kids. She picked them from school, stopped over at the chemist and headed home. She was surprised to find her husband's car parked in front of the house. He must've closed early today, sher'd told herself. Alas, she almost fainted when she opened the living room door and found her own dear hubby on the floor of the living room, butt naked, with the beautiful and curvy Veronica ontop of him, riding him viciously, hungrily, like she was a trained Okada rider! It was her husband who saw her first, Vero had her back turned to her, and she was far too gone in ecstacy to even notice they were no longer alone in the room. Pronto, John (her husband) pushed Vero off him as he quickly sprang to his feet, his face and entire being enveloped in absolute shame. Even before Nene could ask her to leave the house, Vero packed her stuffs and fled to God knows where. Nene was shattered. Her own husband making love to their house girl? She simply couldn't comprehend it. All of these happened 5 weeks ago. They had no idea where the girl ran to, but quite honestly, that was the last thing on Nene's mind. She just couldn't care less.
She was still trying to come to terms with the shock when two days ago, Vero reappeared with two elderly women in tow. They were obviously from the village, and no, they didn't come to beg for Vero to be forgiven and given back her job, they came to tell Nene and her husband that their daughter was carrying John's baby, She was two months pregnant! This time, Nene fainted for a pretty long spell.

Women, please, please, please, if you do not trust your husband, then don't bring home a tantalizing housemaid to live in the house with you!

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