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A well trained lady with a high moral standing will cherish her body and not allow sex to destroy her life or mess up her future. Highly intelligent ladies who define their lives by principles, and have set up goals not to sleep around know that they have something to offer other than the Honeywell between their glorious thighs. Only women who are promiscuous find it difficult to control their apatite over sex. Some women become promiscuous just to get back at their partners with ungodly behaviour. I always wish that men who are married to women that are cheating intentionally as a payback could have had self-control and be faithful to their partner. Below are testimonies of men who have it under control in their relationships:

According to Phillip Green who is married and have been faithful to his wife Elvita for 37 years:
"Loving one person for all of your life is possible — we did it! This can only happen when couples come to realise that life is not a fairy-tale. There are persons who believe that they should have a problem-free relationship and a perfect partner. My wife and I accept each other for who we are. We give each other space though, and earlier in our lives we used to do crazy stuff to spice up our sex lives. I can't imagine my life without her and I can lift my head high and say that I have never been unfaithful to her. We have a good thing and the thought of letting a third party end what we have gives me the chills. Long and lasting love is possible but this can only be achieved when there is a high level of communication, understanding and commitment."
Another person is Lennox Ayton, police officer who said:
“We men do sometimes fantasise that we are with our favourite porn star during sex. It doesn't mean that we are not sexually aroused by our women but it is just a guy thing. It's not just the porn stars; it can be the girl next door or her best friend. No, it doesn't mean that we will eventually bring these fantasies to life and cheat — it's just being with them in our minds. Another thing, if we love our spouses but they are not so exciting in the bedroom, instead of cheating we create a scene in our minds that doesn't involve them."

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