Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Do you Think your Husband is the Worst Man Ever? Check out these other options

Do you Think your Husband is the Worst Man Ever?
Check out these other options:
1. A man who always drinks out and comes back midnight, drunk.

2. A man who drinks out and is picked up from the gutter or bin, and brought home the next day.

3. A man who stinks. Hates to take his bath or brush. Just dirty

4. A man who will rather play with his guys all day than have 15mins with you

5. A man who confides in others and not you

6. A man who prefers to be high on anything from cigarettes to cocaine than enjoy family time with you.

7. A man who enjoys to spend all his money with his friends or relatives but hardly brings any home.

8. A man whose temper is such that he can hit or break anything within sight if angry

9. A man who is driven to fights almost all the time and comes back home bruised and injured at least once a weak

10. A man who hates to work. Prefers to sit at home playing video games.

11. A man who enjoys pipping at other women’s pictures rather than marvel at your beauty

12. A man who loves money and can do anything to get it including abandoning you for money

13. A man who is no longer able to provide for health reasons

14. A man who prefers masturbation to lovemaking

15. A man who habitually sleeps with other women with or without your knowledge

16. A man who is in love with another woman

17. A man who is gay

18. A man who likes to sleep with little girls or boys

19. A man who is an occultist. You are not even sure what he has done with you or your children

20. A man who beats his wife for fun
So which one is yours. Apart from the last four, you can change things with your patience, prayers and love (some exceptional women have even changed men in that last four).

Read 1peter 3 vs 1&2. Prov. 14vs

Everyone must carry his own cross. If you break the marriage today, which one of the options will you get tomorrow.

Don’t listen to those who are not married, divorced or those who even though they are married help you to see your husband’s faults. Remember that they have their own cross they are carrying. They are either looking for husband or have accepted their husbands as they are. Don’t let them help you drive yours away.
Dear sister, you see from the least your man is not the worst. There are worse cases out there, so, make the best out of of the husband God has given
What God has joined together let know man/woman put asunder

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