Thursday, 8 September 2016



When you are facing rejection especially from someone you love it is very difficult to deal with and many a time it breaks you beyond imagination. To deal with such hurt one of the things to do is tell yourself that it will pass because it really will eventually. It’s a daunting task but you have to muster the courage to wait it out. Try to find new things to channel your energy into by focusing outside yourself.
When you let rejection get to you, it will drain all your energy and make you less productive and that is why you have to take the life changing decision of letting go. The fear of being rejected by someone you love or the rejection itself makes you more passionate about the object of your desire. Holding on however will not help you. You have to analyse and see if you can save the relationship, if there is nothing to save at all or if saving the relationship is the right thing to do. In doing this you will need a lot of strength and of course a lot of help.
The first and most important phase of getting over rejection is to accept it because it’s only then that you can begin the healing process. Always remember that rejection is not about you as a person, it’s just that it did not work out. Never blame yourself and never allow anyone put the blame on you because that makes REJECTION harder to deal with!

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