Wednesday, 23 August 2017

10 Key Challenges and Difficulties Men face in Their Marriages, and Why

Talking about issues in marriage, women are not always on the receiving end. Men too face some challenges and difficulties in their marriages, some of which are caused by wives. Today I'll like to share with you some of those challenges, and I hope our women will improve after reading this piece and stop putting their men through this unfortunate situations...
1.SEX DENIAL : Physical intimacy is important in marriages but most times men tend to desire it more than women. There are some married men that have to beg their wives for sex because she is always not in the mood. How do you expect him to resist the temptation of having extramarital affairs if you won't let him touch you? Some women even set dates for sex, they make it a once in a month thing. You shouldn't have a calendar for sex, it takes the fun out of it. Marriage is about compromising, it shouldn't be all about you and what you want. Put his feelings and needs into consideration too.

2. CONSTANT NAGGING: I mention nagging a lot because it's one of the things that turn men off the most. Nobody likes to be nagged all the time. Here's a little advice to women, if you are always nagging about everything, it gets to a point where nobody takes what you say serious. You don't have to always nag as a way to make your point. There's a way a nagging woman turns the home into war zone that her husband and kids look forward to been away from home.

3. GETTING BORED WITH THEIR SPOUSES: Men get bored in their marriages easily and sometimes this is because women become very boring after marriage. They are contended with the usual daily activities, with nothing new. They are not spontaneous. They refuse to try new things to spice up their marriage. Most women refuse to make efforts to enrich their lives through self-improvement, professional growth and new interests. Men want to be connected to their wives in meaningful ways, not just sex. But they come home daily to the usual things. The complaining, the nagging, the similar routines, their wives in the same position with her usual looks, wearing shabby clothes or the working class women coming home to complain about the same things at work, all the time. My advice to women is, don't become boring after marriage, try new interesting things with your spouse once in a while. And to the men, you found your wife interesting before, so just try to find the time, put in the commitment to try and rediscover the things that interested you about her before. You should take romantic trips together, once in a while, maybe pick one Christmas holiday to get a away alone. Find a hobby you both enjoy.

4. DIRTY WOMEN: This may seem like a less vital point, but it's a serious problem to some men. It's understood that it's not easy to keep the house tidy and to look after yourself when there are kids constantly messing the house up. But I can assure you that there are women out there with a number of kids, toddlers. But they still manage to keep the house neat and still look after themselves. You can get a house help or a relationship from the village to help you out if the work is too much. And if you have grown kids, make them do some chores around the house. There's nothing as embarrassing as your husband's friends coming to the house to see him and everywhere is looking dirty and let me not start with the bad odour. Most women don't even know that they ought to always have scenting candles and room fresheners for the house. There are some men who avoid having friends over because of the way their home look all the time. A lot of men don't know anything about home decoration or how to keep the house tidy. So it's the women's job to make sure their home look good all the time. Aside the home. Most women can't even take care of themselves. Once they get married, they become less interested in how they look. What if one of the reasons your husband married you was because of how neat you were and how classy and elegant you carried yourself? However it will also help if men try to put in little efforts to help with some chores around the house. Especially when you are less busy and your wife doesn't have a house help.

5. MAKING THE MARRIAGE ALL ABOUT THE KIDS: Once they start having kids, some women make the marriage all about the kids. Their husbands get little or no attention at all. It's all about what the kids will eat, what to do for the kids, keeping an eye on the kids, e.t.c. The husband in the house becomes invincible. I'm not saying you should not love your kids or be a good mum to your kids. But you shouldn't be all about that and completely forget you are also a wife.

6. THE IN-LAWS: I've mentioned this many times on my blog. Your marriage should be between you and your husband. Stop involving your whole family in your marriage. Especially if such family members never get along with your spouse. Hold your spouse in high esteem, respect them so much that your family members and your friends will have no guts to disrespect them. This applies to both couple.

7. FINANCIAL ISSUES: Men are brought up knowing that they will be bread winners to their family. And when they can't fulfill the task of taking care of their families' financial problems, they become sad and sometimes depressed. The issue I want to talk about today is not necessary a man's inability to provide for his family sometimes. It's the reaction he gets from his wife when he fails. Nothing worries a man like his woman rubbing his shortcomings in his face. Some women are fond of criticising their husband. They say nothing good about him. They never appreciate him. They constantly tell him how and where he's failing as a man. How can you torment him emotionally like that and expect that he will still love you or want to remain married to you? Some women dnt even know how to have a disagreement with their spouse without been insulting to him.

8. UNFORGIVING WIVES: Women sometimes find it difficult to forgive any wrong done to them. And even when they finally forgive, they do not ever forget. They keep bringing up their husband's past mistake when ever there's a misunderstanding or argument. It's difficult to forgive somethings a man can do to you, but if you have made the decision to forgive him, then try to forget about it too. And most importantly, do not bring it up again. If you have a quarrel, talk about the issue at hand. Let the past be in the past.

9.WIVES WITHOUT AMBITION: It's very helpful to a man if his wife has a business or job. She can assist with little financial issues around the house without relying on him for every single thing. Aside the money, a woman with a business or job will have less time on her hands to nag him always and pick fights. Having a source of income is not just good for the man, it helps the woman too. As a woman, you will get more respect from if you have your own business or job. Some men are turned off by women who rely on them for everything from money for toiletries to money for cosmetics. Been married doesn't mean you should be unable to take care of every single need of yours.

10. DISRESPECTFUL WIVES: Most men are going through hell in their marriages because their wives have no respect for them. Some women change and become total monsters to their husband after marriage. Their true colours come out because they have the ring. Just because you are married to him now doesn't mean that you should lose all respect for him. Disrespecting him before your kids, family and friends is wrong.

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