Wednesday, 2 August 2017


There are articles written against married men cheating on their wives. The Bible is against it, Preachers preach against it all the time. But today I want to not just condemn those men, I want to also advice women not to encourage these men. 
It's quite unfortunate that men sometimes can not control their sexual desires, in fact, they can but they don't try good enough to. They derive so much joy in cheating, sometimes at the detriment of their lives and the lives of their kids and wives. They chose to satisfy their sexual urge and risk getting infected with STDs and passing on to their wives, they don't even care about the fact that they can die and leave their kids to suffer. Sometimes they spend so much money on womanizing, paying girls for sex that they can't even solve financial issues at home. They don't even care about the shame they bring to their wife for their habits. That is how selfish some men can be. They risk everything just to satisfy their sexual desire.
Some ladies make cheating easy for the men. They practically throw themselves at men, even when they know the man is married. Especially if he's rich or famous. My question to these ladies is, ' do you intend to get married in future?' 'And if you intend to, then how will you feel if other girls throw themselves at your husband or accept his request to date them?'. We as women can all put our feet down and make extramarital affairs difficult for men. The married women can do so by looking their best for their husbands, look as good as you can be and keep him attracted to you alone. Don't refuse him sex all the time. 
And to the single ladies, have more respect for your bodies. Turn these men down when you know they are married. Start a business or get a job, don't rely on a married man to survive. There is so much satisfaction and pride in making money through honest and respectable means. And if you are already dating married men or sleeping with them for money, it's never too late to stop. 
There's no shame in stopping, nobody is perfect, you can just take that to be your past mistakes. And do not get intimidated by the girls flashing designer wears and human hair on social media, be proud of yourself for respecting your body and been self-made. God will bless your honest hustle in due time. As for the men who have beautiful wives at home but chose to be dogs, sleeping with everything in skirt, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Why not remain single if you can't stick to one woman? And the few faithful husbands, May God bless you abundantly.

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