Sunday, 20 August 2017


A lot of times, we have heard men say things like, "no, I'm not in love, I just like the babe." It's either some of us guys are too ashamed to admit we're in love, possibly because we think it's 'unmanly' to be in love, or because we sincerely have absolutely no idea what it means to be in love. Well, I have decided to help you guys out of your dilemma and I'm even prepared to do it for free! Here are ten sure ways to confirm you're truly in love or not.

1. Distance no longer...
matters. Your new babe stays with her folks in Ikorodu, your crib is tucked somewhere in Ajah, yet, you have no qualms driving down to see her once you have a few minutes of your time that you can spare. Ordinarily, you would've moaned about the distance and the traffic, but with this new babe, it's no problems at all. Oh, boy, na love don dey start so oh.

2. No more hanging out with the boys. These days, you're always looking forward to being with your babe. Your guys see very little of you, you no longer come to take your favourite Nkwobi and chilled bottle of Guinness stout. After the day's work is done, you will rather run off to be with your babe and spend quality time with her. Guys are complaining and making fun of of you, making taunting remarks like, "I go love, oh!" but you no send them. All you crave is to be with your sweet baby.It can only be love! 

3. Paying more attention to your looks. You have always been the type that pays little attention to your looks. You're a typical guy on the move, you dash into the bathroom, dash out in a minute and climb into your clothes and you hit the road. But these days, you notice your dirty bushy arm pits and your over grown bia-bia because you suspect your new babe likes clean, well groomed guys.There is no other name for it, oh, na love be dat.

4. No more flirting. This is good news, right? But even you too find this strange, but you have since found out that your appetite for flirting with several women has dropped massively. And you can't understand why. We can tell you why, its your new darlyn that's doing the magic. You now have eyes only for her. 

5. Suddenly you find joy in giving. Before now, babes call you 'Aka gum'  behind your back. They say it's always a nightmare to get a dime out of your pockets. But with this new lover, you are virtually breaking all your own rules for her and constantly supplying your woman with all the cash she could need. Only one thing could've made that happen - LOVE!

6. She can do no wrong. She is always right. Things that would've ordinarily upset you if some other babe did them to you, no longer upset you. When your friends and family complain about her attitude, you don't agree with them. To you, there can not be a possibly better behaved woman than your sweetheart. It's only love that can blind a man's eyes to the wrongs of his woman. 

7. More time in front of the mirror. You just suddenly enjoy looking good all the time. You do a complete over haul of your wardrobe and spend eternity in front of the mirror dressing up just to ensure you look good. And of course, you know who you're looking good for.

8. She's always in your dreams. Before now, you seldom dream about the women you're dating, but lately, your new babe has become a permanent feature in your dreams. This happens because she's constantly the last thing on your mind before you go to sleep in the night. And more recently, these dreams are starting to get really, really wet....Hmmmm.

9. You can see her in your future. Possibly for the first time ever, you're dating a woman that you can picture as the mother of your unborn kids. You are already seeing both of you together as man and wife and growing old together...Only Love can enable a man with the 'power' to see that kind of future.

10. You turn jelly. Whenever you're with her, you go soft. You become nearly as soft as a jelly fish whenever you're in her company. Or even softer. When she gets unnecessarily angry and shouts disrespectfully at you, you don't mind. Truth is, you do mind, but you simply lack the liver to call her to order and let her know she should be more restrained in her attitude. Yes, love can indeed make you go weak and foolish sometimes.

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