Saturday, 26 August 2017

8 Crazy Things Woman (mostly unmarried) do to their Men that are "Silent Turn Off"

Everyone, particularly women, seem to be of the impression that its only men who are capable of doing some really terrible stuff to women. Women can do no wrong, but men? They are the heartless and insensitive creatures. No problems. But take a close look at these 8 crazy things you may probably be doing to your man and see if you still think men are the only ones that do crazy stuffs to women....

1. ROB PETER TO PAY PAUL: Some girls/ladies do this a lot. Because you know he cares a great deal about you, you should not make a habit of collecting money from him under false pretense and then go give it to another man, the one you truly love. If you do not love him, let him know. If he wishes to spend money on you still, fine, but if you pretend to love him, so as to turn him to your ATM to maintain the one you love, it's as evil as "fraud".

2. BEING AN OBJECT OF SEDUCTION: You have to desist from this. I am talking about you close friend's man. That you have heard and know about his generosity and the fireworks he creates in the bedroom, should not make turn yourself to an object of seduction. Most times, when ladies tell their friends how much money their man spends on them and how much of a stud he is in bed, the friends often sneak behind to find out first hand from the guy by seducing him! It's bad.

3. EMOTIONAL DECEPTION: Women are simply unbelievable sometimes. A friend once told me his girl called him up late in the evening one day sounding terribly ill. She requested he sees her that night, that her condition was really bad. Her place was quite a distance from his place, it meant he might not make it back home until past midnight and he couldn't possibly crash at her place cos she was still living with her folks at the time. So, because bobo dey in love, he jumps into his car, drove like a bat out of hell to her place only to find out she was just feigning illness. All she wanted was for him to come so she could see his face and hopefully get a kiss! Can you beat that? That nay sound cool and just funny but the truth is, do you think he will believe you when next you say you are ill?

4. BEWARE OF BIG UNCLES: When you tell your man about a 'big uncle' who can help you out with a job or facilitate a deal, be sure that in all sincerity, he's truly a big uncle, which means you're truly related to this 'big uncle.' Findings have shown that, often times, the uncles are actually 'Aristos' and unsuspecting your man may  get there and start prostrating flat on the floor, thinking he's showing respect to his prospective in-law. I have heard some men sat they don't mind their babe's 'Aristo' offering support, so long as the babe tells them before hand. Different strokes for different strokes, right?

5. THE ALTAR HEARTBREAK: Statistics have shown that women dump their partners at the altar on their wedding day much more than men do. How can you possibly deal with it if your man fails to show up on your wedding day? Here's a piece of advice for guys, please o, beg your fiancee very, very well starting from a week to your wedding, to decide quickly enough whether she wants to change her mind or not. Waiting until the morning of your wedding day can send one to an early grave o.

6. FAKE PREGNANCY: Babes do this a lot too. If you're desperately broke and in need of money, but know he might not oblige you maybe cos you've asked for a little too much lately, some ladies could lie to their men that they're pregnant for them and need to evacuate the baby ASAP. Knowing he won't ask you to keep the baby cos 'that's not in the plan right now,' you request for a sum of money that will take care of your need. And of course, he's too scared to find out if you're lying or not, he quickly parts with the money. You may do it, succeed and solve your immediate problem but remember, everyday is for the thief but...

7. PLAYING THE OLD MENSTRUATION TRICK: This is one of the oldest tricks in the book that women use all the time when they are not ready to climb into bed with a guy. Even our mothers too used it! Usually, a woman knows a guy's intention before she goes to pay him a visit, especially if the guy had been 'wetting' the ground with good cash. She realizes it's time for her to fulfill her own part of the deal but she's not exactly sure if its the right thing to do or the right time to do it. What does she do? She fakes menstruation and tells the guy, 'I swear, my period just popped up this morning, just before I left home to come and see you Or do you want me to show you if you don't believe me? Will you ask her to show you? Anyway, for the singles, it may sound like a smart way of averting "premarital sex" and other related "ungodly" acts, but for the married, do you think it's the best way to treat your man?

8. TWO IS COMPANY, THREE IS A CROWD: You're his new babe, you guys only just met. He calls you up on the phone and say let's go hang out tonight and have a couple of drinks plates of big and delicious looking 'Point & Kill' together before we go home or somewhere nice where we can spend more quality time together. You say you're game and would be there to join him.But when you appear you  show up with two of your friends! And he's wondering, who's going to pick their bills? And what happens to the quality time he's hoping to spend with you? If you are not ready to be private with him, why not let him know? Or if you wish to come with your friends, should it not be nice and courteous to brief him about and get his approval prior to the date?

These attitudes have sadly disqualified many ladies today. We would also love to have your contribution in the comment box below.

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