Friday, 18 August 2017

How Crazy is Loving Someone Who Does Not "Deserve Your Love"? The story of Kingsley!

The moment he stepped into my office, I knew he was a man in serious distress. He sounded pretty distraught on the phone, when he called to request a meeting with me, but I wasn't quite expecting he was in such bad shape. I'd only met Kingsley once when a 'Thank you' party was organised for readers of the magazine I was editing at the time.
"I need your help, Mr. Wale," he'd started, his head bowed as he covered his face with his hands. 
"Go on, I'm listening," I'd urged him on when I saw he was taking too long to continue. 
"It's the woman I want to marry..."
"What about her?" I queried.
"I think she's going to kill me!"
I was speechless. I didn't understand him one bit. He explained.

"I met Sandra three years ago and it was love at first sight. Or so I thought. Before I met Sandra, I'd had my own fair share of women. I have dated the prettiest babes any guy can possibly come across. I have broken a few hearts out there but never...
got heart broken until I met Sandra. She is possibly the cutest babe I ever met. When we started dating dating, I had a couple of girls I was dating at the time, but one by one, I dismissed the ladies and settled only for Sandra. I gave her everything I could. I gave her my time, I gave her my money and I gave her my heart. I was surprised myself when I proposed to Sandra just a few months into our relationship and she told me to give her sometime to know me better. I figured she had a point and I decided to give her time. I loved Sandra with all my heart. I never cheated on her and practically split my salary into two so she could have half of it at the end of every month, despite the fact that she works too. 

My siblings and mother expressed their reservations about Sandra but I stood my ground and insisted she was the girl I was going to marry. My closest friend, Mike, warned me about her, saying she wasn't the sort of girl I should marry, claiming he had reasons to believe she was no good and that she would disappoint me. I warned him never to discuss my woman in such light again. About a month after, he raised the issue again in company of our friends and I lost my cool. I hit my friend of 20 years and we had a messy brawl. I just couldn't stand listening to anyone saying silly things about my woman. I swear, I could kill for her. I had never loved any woman the way I loved Sandra. 

You can therefore imagine my shock when I returned home from the office unexpectedly five days ago and found my Sandra in bed with guess who? My friend, Mike! The same friend I fought with over Sandra..the same friend who called my Sandra a no good! I simply passed out. For several minutes, I lost consciousness. I didn't even know when my friend bolted out of the room. As I speak to you now, Sandra has neither called me nor sent me an sms to explain or apologize for what happened. Instead, it's Mike that's been asking for my forgiveness. She still has a few of her things in my house but she doesn't appear to be missing them. To be honest with you, Mr. Wale, I feel so ashamed of myself. I can't even look at my family in the eye anymore. They all warned me but I couldn't listen. I was simply too blinded by my love for Sandra. But there's an even bigger problem now, sir," Kingsley paused.
"And what's that again?"

He looked at me, silently, for a short spell, and then said,"I still love her, Mr. Wale, I still want my Sandra back!"
Quite honestly, I didn't know what to say to Kingsley. I did the best I could to make him see the reality, which is that Sandra doesn't love her and probably will never love her. But I could see it in his eyes that he was barely listening to me, his heart and soul were yearning for Sandra, the only woman he believes can truly bring back happiness into his life. 
Tell us, dear people, how do you advise a guy like Kingsley? What do you tell him? How can he continue to fight for the love of a woman who does not give a hoot about him?

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  1. How can you fight for what you don't have? Do you prepare to steal and expect God to help you in commiting the crime of stealing? Because going for this girl by this youngman is akin to him going to steal. The girl is not available, simple. Instead of dying for her he should simply commit suicide because he considers himself a failure in life. But the best thing is for him to go for deliverance because the spirit of death is after him