Friday, 4 August 2017


A lot of times, some men practically struggle to decipher the right things to do to make their wife happy. Some achieve this once in a while, but the challenge soon becomes how to keep her happy, for when you have a woman in the house that is happy almost all of the time, then you can be sure your home will be a haven. That is the sort of home any man would look forward to coming home to after a hard day's job. You want to experience that kind of home? The following are a few tips you can work on if you're a truly loving and affectionate man who desires nothing but to see his wife happy all the time. 

BEAUTIFUL RECEPTION: After returning from work, school, travel or whatever it is that separated you, always try to make it a rule to welcome your wife with a hug, a peck, and with your arm around her shoulder or waist. This immediately tells her you miss her and you're glad she's back home and in your arms where she truly belongs. It is indeed not appropriate nor nice when you meet your wife whom you've been separated from for some hours or days with a frown on your face. Even a blank expression is still not good enough. 

CALL HER LOVELY PET NAMES: How do you relate to your wife whenever you're alone and together? Do you still refer to her by her name or you choose to call her a sweet sounding name? If you do not have the time or the creative ability to turn her name around into a pet name, there are several common pet names you can adopt. You could call her your sweetheart, Angel, Honey, Darlyn, Jewel, etc. But beyond these sweet names, you also must cultivate the habit of speaking to her in really sweet and affectionate manner, this is very important in any union. 

SURPRISE DATES: It has been variously ascertained that women can sometimes be the most difficult creatures to understand, but one thing is sure though, they relish being treated like a special treasure and one of the ways to make them happy is giving them surprise dates. If you know, for instance, that your wife or partner has been looking forward to go see a new movie at the Silverbird Cinemas, or there's a new exotic hotel around she's curious about, surprise her with a date to such a place. Simply ask her to dress well and look good for you, that you're taking her out, and the next minute she finds herself at the same place she's been yearning to visit. Do this for her regularly and she'll love you for life.

BUY HER GIFTS: Every woman loves this. It doesn't have to be expensive, but you should cultivate the habit of buying your wife little gifts that you know she will appreciate. Do not take the fact that she's already your wife for granted and so think you do not need to stretch yourself buying her things anymore, this is a wrong notion. If anything, this is when your wife needs such little show of affection the more. What this does is that it assures her you still care and she's still an important part of your life. 

SUPPORT IN THE HOUSE: As a man, you must endeavour to support your woman in the house. Do not be like some other guys who think its solely the woman's responsibly to do the house chores, cook and generally take care of the home. This is totally wrong, your wife is your partner, not your maid. Help her around the house with chores that you think you can help out with. It would be unfair on your part if you're just loafing around the around while your wife is working her butts off trying to preparer food and keep the house clean.  

CONSULT WITH HER: It is unfortunate that most men believe that, as African men, their word in the house should be law. They see it as a sign of weakness if they turn to their wife for advice on issues that have to do with the home. For instance, a lot of men do not subscribe to the idea of them discussing with their wife before asking their sibling, or even their mother to come stay with them in the house for a short while. They reckon that, "after all, its my house and I pay the rent, so why would I need her permission?" True, you pay the rent, but you don't entirely own the home, you and your wife do. Not consulting with her on issues relating to the home shows you have a total disregard for her. She must be consulted on every issue, even as little as deciding on the new color you want to paint the house requires her input as well for she is the woman of the house.

LOVE AND RESPECT HER FAMILY: Any man who loves and shows respect to his wife's family will always be the apple of his wife's eye. Love your wife's family like you cherish your own family and show it unashamedly. If you happen to find yourself in your in-laws'  neighbourhood, stop by and say hello to them. You could stop over at Shoprite or any similar store and pick a few things for them, you can bet they'll cherish your visit and appreciate you as a worthy son-in-law. You may not even the visit to your wife, she'll respect you the more by the time she gets a call from her mum or dad saying yiu stopped over at the house and even brought a few stuffs for them. 

BE PATIENT WITH HER: Lets face it, women can sometimes get under our skin! They seem to be gifted in the art of driving their man up the wall. Personally, I think its not something they do deliberately, its just the way they've been physiologically constituted. You need to be patient with your wife. When she makes her mistakes or step out of line, don't come down hard on her, talk to her. Make your point but don't say hurtful things to her, most importantly, make her realize her mistake.

OFFER FINANCIAL SUPPORT: This is very important if you truly want your wife to be happy always. You must give her financial support whenever she needs it. If she's into business and you can see she's been groaning lately about needing to inject more funds into her business or that she needs to sort out some domestic issues with her family and siblings, do whatever you can within your means to support her. You can bet she'll love you to bits for this.

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