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It has always been an age long argument, between men and women, who cheats on the other more? In other words, who's the bigger cheat, man or woman? Lets face it, statistics have long proven that men cheat on their spouses much more than women. Its even more obvious within the married circles, married men are often more vulnerable to temptation and far more open to cheating than married women. Okay, so we agree. But yet, women, whether married or not, still cheat on their husbands or boyfriends, even if is not as alarming as that of men. They still climb in between the sheets with another man and run back home into the arms of their spouse and snuggle on his chest as though nothing happened. Yes, women are pretty smart. It is said that when a man is in love and his wife is cheating on him, everybody else in the neighbourhood may already know about her underground runs, but hubby will be the last to know because, like they say, loving eyes can never see. This may be true, but still, if you shine your eyes well, you will see the handwriting on the wall very clearly. Here are some of the signs that could give your wife away if she's indeed cheating on you.

1. YOU START SEEING UNUSUAL EXPENSIVE GIFTS: As a man, you should begin to ask questions once you notice that your wife who rarely spends her money buying expensive stuffs like wristwatches, jewellery, shoes, for herself because she would insist you give her the money to buy them, suddenly starts coming home with these stuffs. And strangely, she tells you she bought them herself, not once, not twice, not thrice, not...Hmmm, open your eyes and ask questions, somebody may be picking up the bills outside.
2. SUDDEN FREQUENT VISITS: Before now, your wife prefers staying home with you and the kids, watching teevee and spending quality time with family. Then, suddenly, she starts going out almost on a regular basis to visit 'old friends' that you have never met or seen with her. And each time she's going out to visit these 'old friends', she's always excited and eager to leave the house. Most noticeably, she always takes her time to look extra beautiful before stepping out of the house. Don't be fooled, your wife might be on her way to frollick with her lover.
3. HER PHONE BECOMES VERY PRIVATE: Usually, women are the most careless with phones. It is a known fact that men carry their phones about more than women, with the exception of the younger generation of ladies of course who are forever chatting, messaging, taking selfies, etc, with their phones. But for older women, the phone can be a burden sometimes and whenever they can dump it somewhere when they don't have a need it for it, they don't hesitate to do so. Now, if your wife belongs to this category, then suddenly you find she's always carrying her phone about the house, scared to leave it lying down around you, or its on permanent vibrate, and when a call comes in she stylishly steps out to pick it or she's not picking at all cos you're there, my brother, no dull yourself o, there's something fishy going on.
4. NEW FOUND DESIRE TO LOOK GOOD ALWAYS: This one is an easy give away. Women are always happy and excited when they are in love or just excited they're seeing somebody they seem to like or connect with. Next thing is she begins to pay more attention to her looks more than ever before. She visits the salon a little more frequently and appears to be picking up a few new outfits she wears out on her solo trips to visit 'friends', or she's suddenly bringing back to life some of her clingy, sexy dresses that she hadn't worn in a while. Do not dismiss this signal, there could just be fire on the mountain!
5. SHE STARTS NAGGING A LOT MORE: This is another sign to watch out for. If your woman, who had always been supportive and understanding of your tight financial state, suddenly begins to nag about your inability to adequately provide for her and meet her taste, complains you hardly give her enough upkeep money for herself and the kids and slams it in your face that there thousands of men out there who are doing a lot more for their wives than you have ever done for her, then watch out. Be vigilant. Some guy may just have been impressing your wife with some clean looking, sweet smelling crisps of Naira notes just to get in between her legs!
6. EMOTIONAL DISTANCE: This happens when the guy outside begins to get seriously into your wife's head, so much so that she thinks of him all the time and at any slight moment she has to herself, she quickly goes on fantasy trips, imagining herself in the arms of her new Romeo. Sometimes, she's with you in the living room, you're talking to her and she's nodding absent mindedly to all you're saying, but her mind is so very far away. She can't hear you, she possibly can't even see you, the only image before her is that of her exciting new lover...
7. LOSS OF SEXUAL APPETITE: Often times, a woman who's enjoying a steamy affair outside her matrimonial home is most likely to suddenly lose the appetite for sex with her husband, it gets even worse if Mr. Lover man is giving her great sex outside. When you touch her in bed, chances are that she will become quickly irritated by your touch...the same touch that once evoked a cacophony of emotions inside her body the moment your hands made contact with her flesh just a few years ago.

8. STARTS WORKING LATE IN THE OFFICE: As a matter of fact, this is one the early signals. Your wife before now was always complaining about how stressful and financially unrewarding her job is and would always get home less than an hour after her official closing hours. But suddenly, she begins to work late, coming home at least two hours after her closing time almost on a regular basis, saying she's been saddled with more workload, then you must start keeping your ears to the ground. There could be a lot more to that work load than she's telling you.
Written by my colleague Wale Lawal.

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