Saturday, 25 March 2017


Interesting topic. This is one subject that has always generated unending enthusiasm and sometimes intense reaction from most men and women. It is understandable. In this part of the world, marriage is always regarded as a sacred institution, one that should be accorded a great deal of decency. But lets face it, in other climes, the above subject would've been considered insignificant. Many would barely give it a second look. Nearly every other day, you hear of older women dating and getting married to younger men in other parts of the world. But then, this is not 'other climes,' this is Nigeria, Africa. This is that part of the world where marriage is discussed tongue in cheek.

Let us begin this way. I know not too many would agree with me on this, but hey, it's my opinion, and I've just taken full advantage of this platform to express it. Pick up your device and punch in a few lines and send to us if you share a different opinion. Back to the matter, first, I'd like to ask, does love require a certain age combination for it to happen? Last time I checked, the answer was 'no'. Personally, my take on this is simple, so long as both parties mutually consent to it, then let the tango begin! Times are changing. Gone are the days when women shy away from getting emotionally involved with younger men whom they may have come to greatly adore. And in some cases, the younger men adored them in return. But the very thought of 'what people will say' has held many of them back from following their heart and finding their true joy. A lot of women though have since learnt to follow their hearts and hold on to the love of their lives. Peter Okoye of Psquare and Darey Art Alade are both married happily to older women. Actress Ann Njemanze is married to a younger man, and even former Ekiti state governor, Kayode Fayemi, is married to a woman who's a couple of years older than him. The list is endless. 

An older woman can choose to tie it up with a younger man if both of them are happy together and find fulfillment in each other's arms. If a woman desires to have a younger, stronger, virile man in her arms, and takes her time to find a guy who finds her attractive enough to set the fireworks off for her, then it's all good. What I will not subscribe to, however, is a situation where a young man chooses to become an older woman's sex apparatus just so that he can get financially rewarded for his 'services.' This is a shame and I dare say that no man involved in this sick business can raise his head up high in the communiity of real men with decency who work their butts off to earn everything they've accomplished in life. We have a lot of them out there, shameless, lazy gigolos who lurk around around old rich men, waiting to pounce on them and their money at the slightest opportunity. I will not also applaud a situation where an older woman lures and entices an unsuspecting young man into sexual relationship, dangling heavy carrots and promising to change his situation for good, only if he's willing to play ball. But where the two genuinely care about each other, find true happiness in each other, I will gladly offer them my support. My submission? Let the older woman find happiness with her younger lover, so long as they're both sincere with themselves and are not in any way hurting the next person.
Contributed by my coleague, Wale Lawal

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