Tuesday, 14 March 2017


No marriage is perfect. Every marriage has it's difficult moments. It's the energy and passion you put into making things right with your spouse and making your marriage work that actually help to keep you together. Nobody is perfect either, sometimes you do somethings and regret later or even hate yourself for it. If you can't trust yourself to always do the right thing then how do you expect that someone else will always do what you want? We all have our differences and if you choose to be with somebody then you have to understand that there will be times when they will do or say something you do not agree with. You will have to accept them for who they are and only try to work on living together and been in love while you tolerate the differences. Marriage is not easy, you have to know that before you get married. You have to know that you can't give up when things are no longer going the way you like or expected. There will be days that you or your partner will wake up and be in a terrible mood, snapping at everybody and over everything. There will be moment that you will feel like been alone or single again. There will be moments that you will not feel attracted or in love with your partner and they may say or do things that will make you hate them. There are times you will feel tempted to cheat. Those are all the different moments in marriages. Your ability and willingness to over come all those trying times and temptations is what will determine if your marriage will work or not. Do not ever go into marriage thinking it's easy and it's going to always be rosy and sweet and romantic, because it's not. You have to prepare for all the difficult moments and be prepared and strong enough not to jump ship when things get difficult. There's a stage in marriage that's referred to as the honey moon period. That's the first few years when things will be all sweet and easy. Then when the years go on, difficulties and temptations start to set in. Just like other marriages, my  marriage is not perfect but the reason we are still together and so in love is that we never give up on each other. We always have reasons why we should continue to put all our strength and time into making things work, some of the reasons are; our love for each other, and our drive for similar things, as friends. My husband is my best friend and am his best friend too. Communication is important to us. We tell each other everything.
My advice: Before you marry anybody, make sure they have more qualities you like in them than the ones you hate. That's, the good in them should over shadow the bad you see in them. So you can have more reasons to fight for them and stand by them and make things work when the honey moon period is over in your marriage. My aim is to encourage and assist couples to have successful marriages. With the help of God.
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