Thursday, 9 March 2017


Today, i woke up with a strong urge to write about infidelity and the consequences that comes with it.
Cheating on your partner is fun sometimes, it satisfies your sexual urge and gives you pleasure at the moment. But there are consequences for it. I will mention just a few of them.
1)Your relationship with God: Fornication and Adultery are terrible sins that can push away the spirit of God. That is why, when you are fasting or praying for something from God and you choose to abstain from sex, your prayers get answered fast. Sex keeps us away from gaining many favours from God, especially sex with someone you are not married to.
2)The effect on your spouse: When you cheat on your partner and they get to know, it destroys them emotional, mentally and physically. Cheating is the worse thing you can do to someone you claim to love. When you cheat on your partner, you degrade them before their friends and family that gets to know about it. It also degrades them before the person you are cheating with. Cheating can lead to break up or divorce or a troubled marriage. When you cheat on your partner and they notice or get to know, they never trust you again. And how will a relationship stand without trust? I once heard a man who is a habitual cheat complaining about how his wife nags too much and makes his life a living hell, and he doesn't know how else to please her because he has done everything. I said to myself that how can you wonder why your wife acts the way she does? And how can you say you have done everything when you have actually tried to do everything except what is really important. You cheat on her with everything in skirt and you expect her to be a good wife to you? All women wants to be loved right and not cheated on. She wants you to have eyes for her alone. Men on the other hand want to be respected, supported, loved and not cheated on either.
3) Lack of concentration: Cheating makes you lose concentration in your marriage, job, kids and business. Especially the serial cheats with numerous partners. You find yourself always trying to plan your love life in a way that you won't get caught. Always working on lies to tell to cover up your tracks. And then the hell you receive from your partner when they find out that you are cheating. How can you concentrate on anything if your partner is pissed with you, giving you hell, not been supportive and may be thinking of leaving you because you cheated.
4)The financial effect : This applies more to the men. Have you realized that the money you spend on your numerous girlfriends can be used to do something beneficial for your family? Sit down one day and try calculating how much you have spent on entertaining and buying gifts for your numerous girlfriends, taking care of their daily needs. Now, do you know that you can put that money into the future of your kids, or into a business. You save more or get richer when you are faithful in your marriage or relationship.
5) STD. This is one of the worst effect of infidelity. When you cheat on your spouse and end up infecting them with these viruses you contracted outside. How Would you feel knowing this is your hand work? You risk the lives of spouse and children because of a moment's pleasure. These are just a few consequences of cheating. There are many more. So will you rather cheat to satisfy your sexual urge for that moment and risk losing your partner, or degrade and insult your partner because of your actions, or lose your dignity and self respect and cause God to frown on you?
Advice: Choose your partner wisely, choose someone that you don't see yourself falling out of love with easily. Choose your speck, don't marry a man or a woman that is not your speck and then find yourself cheating on them with your speck. Learn to control your sexual urge, it's difficult but it can be done. You can work on yourself and train yourself to have self control and give your body only to your partner. Don't say there's nothing there, my partner won't know, let me just quickly have sex this once and go back to my love. Once you do it, you can't help yourself again and you continue on the path of cheating. Cheating destroys alot of beautiful things. Be the type of man you want your daughter to end up with, don't treat women bad and expect that your daughter will be treated differently. Be the type of woman you wish your son will one day end up with. Dont treat your husband terribly and expect that women will treat your son nicely.

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