Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Rebuild your marriage by following the tips

I always write about women looking good or taking care of their body to remain beautiful so they can keep their partners. But to be sincere, it is not always.about the looks. We will all agree that sometimes our men can leave us at home looking all beautiful, naturally endowed and be out cheating with a less attractive girl. That shows clearly that it is not always about looks, looks help but it is not a 100 percent solution. Change in character or can also push your partner away. If you have become a nagging, controlling, insatiable and sad woman then you are at a risk of losing your partner to a girl that is calm, peaceful, understanding and tolerating. A girl that calls him sweet names, makes him feel peaceful when around her, does not nag him. Some women become nagging mothers to their huabands after a few years in the marriage. He starts to dread going back home from work. The home is no longer peaceful because the woman is always nagging everybody and she's quick to anger. She is no longer the sweet, tender and understanding girl he married. Even the kids are always looking for a place to escape to, a peaceful place. So, my fellow women, as you try to look good, beautiful and clean for your husband, also try not to become his mother instead of his partner. Be understanding. Do not always resolve to calling him names, comparing him to his friends that you feel are better off than him, degrading him and been generally abusive to pass across your point or to get him to do what you want. I know it's hard for men to be faithful to one woman for ever but I want you all to know that it's not impossible. There are faithful men out there, loving and caring men. My intention is to help women in relationship, to always give them tips on how to keep their men attractive and in love with them. Nothing is impossible, do not say all men are the same and so you should just give up and let him cheat. You can work on yourself and be the best you can be in looks and character. May God bless our marriages.
By the way, about 60 percent of men or even more do not marry a woman for just her looks. It is mostly her character. That is why looks should not be the only focus to keep your man glued to you. Maybe he married you because you are hard-working, ambitious and always gave him good advices. But now you have become lazy, none ambitious and you never talk to him or advice him about what he should do to progress or grow. So what is left for him to love in you?
Lets rub minds by sharing our thoughts on this topic.

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