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It is one thing for your man to be cheating on you by having mere flings with women that would not last beyond a few weeks, it is another thing for him to fall completely in love with one of these other women. Usually, with a fling, the entire relationship could go on without an iota of feelings and emotions on the part of the man. He doesn't need all of that, all he needs is to do is connect with his loins, get a hard on and he's good to go. Often times, men engage in these brief flings and the woman at home barely barely notices a thing. The man comes running quickly back home before wifey suspects anything and everyone is happy. But when your man now falls in love with a woman whom he intended for a fling, then there can be serious problems. That is the kind of situation that can totally throw spanners into the works of your marriage or relationship. Here are 15 vital signs your man may have fallen in love with another woman.

1. YOUR MAN FREQUENTLY PICKS FIGHTS WITH YOU: Doing this gives the reason to storm out of the house and meet his lover whom he's probably been missing all day and dying to be with. A cheater may
also do this because of mixed emotions he is feeling about betraying you. 

2. HE CONSTANTLY THREATENS TO END THE MARRIAGE OR RELATIONSHIP WHEN YOU FIGHT OR ARGUE: This usually when happens when its more than just a fling to the man. Your man is already looking at the possibility, if he can achieve it, of replacing you with his new lover. She excites him, makes him happy and he feels she gives him something that you don't, hence, he starts toying seriously with the idea of making her a permanent feature in his life. 

3.YOUR MAN BECOMES CONSTANTLY MOODY: If your man is always upbeat and moody when around you and then becomes excited when about to leave, then there's serious problem. He is desperate to leave you and run to his other woman. Your companionship no longer excites him and this can be a dangerous trend.  If your partner no longer talks to you, you live together but you barely interact and has become cold towards you and inconsiderate of your feelings, then something beyond a fling may be going on.

4. HIS TASTES IN FASHION, MUSIC, MOVIES START TO CHANGE: For instance, he has always listened to fast paced hip hop music, suddenly, he begins to fancy slow love songs, it could be as a result of the other woman's influence. Perhaps he never watches telemundo or Indian movies, and then comes home one night and starts narrating story lines of Saloni and King Of Hearts to you, definitely, somebody's behind it and its not you.  Or if you notice he suddenly begins to make extra effort to look good, do not delude yourself, he's not looking good for you. He's doing it for his new love, and bad news is, she's not just a fling, she could become the real deal like APC if you just fold your arms and watch like Jonathan.  

5. HE BECOMES EASILY OFFENDED: When your guy begins to take offence at little things you do or get upset at jokes that ordinary would not annoy him, then you better watch out. 

6. YOUR MAN STARTS TO CRITICIZE YOU: When your man begins to criticize things about you that he once found attractive and appealing, know that there is fire on the mountain. This could mean that he isn't just having a fling outside, he's in love with his fling!

7. HE STOPS COMPLIMENTING: Has your man suddenly stopped complimenting you on your looks? It may not be because he has a lot on his mind, it could just be because somebody else outside has got his eyes firmly fixed on her alone and he barely notices you even when you just returned from the best salon in Victoria Island wearing one of the most expensive human hairs you ever bought.

8. HE STOPS SAYING I LOVE YOU: Usually, your man is the type who would never let a day or two go by without reassuring you he loves you. Now, you don't hear that from him anymore. Its time to peel your eyes and watch your man. 

9. HE ACTS GUILTY: When you do something nice and unexpected for your man, and rather than get all excited and appreciative, your man starts looking and acting guilty. By doing something nice, you have forced him to think about what he's doing to you. 

10. YOUR MAN NO LONGER SPENDS TIME WITH YOU: This is also a very dangerous spot to be in. Once your friends starts preferring to spend time with his friends rather with you, my sister, wahala dey o. 

11. NO INTEREST IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP'S FUTURE: When your man begins to show no interest in the future of your relationship with him, he no longer talks about both of you together, planning a family together, then he's probably doing that with somebody else. 

12. HE'S MORE INTERESTED IN WATCHING TELEVISION THAN MAKING LOVE TO YOU: This one spells disaster. Once your man's sexual desires in you begins to wane, 
then its time to start asking questions o. Don't just fold your arms believing he will change, start asking questions and find a way to scheme your way back into his heart.
13. HE NOW PAYS LESS ATTENTION TO THE CHILDREN: He now comes home late regularly and is no longer hurrying home to meet the kids before they go to bed. He no longer cares how they fare or if they miss him at home, all he wants is to be away from home and spend time cuddled in the arms of the one that's 'shacking' his brain now.

14. HE BECOMES OFFENDED WHEN YOU MAKE NORMAL ENQUIRIES: It is normal for both of you to tell each other about your movements, but lately, when you ask where he's going to, who he's going to see, he gets offended. Normal questions now get him on the edge. 

15. HE TALKS IN HIS SLEEP AND MENTIONS THE NAME OF A PARTICULAR FEMALE: This can only happen to a man in love. Worse still, when he begins to mention the name of this same female while making love to you, my sister, yawa don gas be dat o! You have to act fast. 

Written by Wale Lawal.

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