Wednesday, 10 May 2017


When I look back at all the relationships I have been through that didn't work out and when I listen to stories from people who come to me for counsel, indeed relationships aren’t easy at all. You can find someone regretting and crying because their partner doesn’t give them their time and attention. And again you can also find another
person having their partner’s full time and attention but crying for their bad behaviors like disrespect and being abusive. Then you can also find someone quitting the relationship because their partner cheated on them, made a mistake or because of some misunderstandings. But again when they move on they find it worse with the new person they relate with. It’s like escaping death at the
ocean and it hits you up at the shores. 

Relationship problems are like rain because it rains everywhere. They break boundaries. They don't matter whether someone is a celebrity, a politician, a billionaire, a wizard in something,
or a love doctor, everyone encounters them. Meaning—if you are with someone who at least makes you happy in any possible way they can or who at least makes 50% of what you want in a partner, please stick with them and try to deal with their other imperfections. If all you think of is dropping and picking a new relationship all the time you face misunderstandings or when something that you want isn’t happening at the exact time, take for instance marriage, then trust me you might end up searching forever. You will always be having relationships that will last for only few months or one year and you jump out. 

But remember too much ofyour time and energy will be wasted. If you are looking for Mr or Miss  Perfect, trust me you will never find them in this world. Everyone has their bad side which can make a relationship go bad. We just have to learn and understand each other, to be patient to one another, and to appreciate what God gives us. Otherwise, there isn’t a perfect relationship in this world. Even the people we see who seem to have it all also face relationship problems. They face pain, they get used and they cry for love. Sometimes we just have to hold on to what we have. If we keep looking for that special or angel like person, we shall never find them. Think about it!

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