Monday, 22 May 2017

It Makes Him Feel Desired and Accepted

Men need to feel desired as much as women do. A man relies on sexual intimacy as a source for fulfillment and his need of feeling desired. When a man receives sexual affection, it gives him a great sense of desirability, and it’s because of his strong inner relationship with his sexual identity. He feels as though he brings a very unique offering that only he can fulfill for his spouse, and the need she has for him makes him feel special. Men are very sexually expressive, and rely on sexual affection in their relationships as their greatest source for fulfillment. 

When a man feels fully embraced by his partner and that she is accepting of his entire male identity, it gives him a great
sense of security in the relationship. Men are generally sexually active at a very young age and sexual intimacy gives them that sense of accomplishment, desired, loved, etc. When a man's advances is turned down, he feels his ego bruised, rejected, not man enough because majority of men use their sexualities as their dominant factor. Men just like women want to feel needed by their partner/spouse. Its only natural phenomena for them to feel so. 

It is always wise and healthy for women to try as much as they can to study their partners sexual prowess because it gives him that satisfaction when his lady can sometimes predict his intentions, and encourage him with little signals and nudges. It is quite pertinent that some men are egomaniac and they might take things too far if they feel undesired, unwanted; so it is often better for the lady to know the kind of man she's married to or dating so as to curtail such exigencies and not give him room for misdemeanors and excuses. So, in order to have a healthier, successful, long lasting relationship and marriage, make your man feel desired and wanted just the way you want him to make you feel desired too.


  1. I Learn new things and facts about relationships everytime I read your blogs. Its inspiring, encouraging and enlightening.