Thursday, 25 May 2017


Few reasons why some fall in love and other times people feel so unhappy, they look to others for a stronger, emotional or physical connection. They complain of feeling taken for granted, unloved, resented, or ignored. Sometimes there is a lack of intimacy or sexuality in the marriage. These brouhaha could be as a result of;

1 - No true or genuine existence of love: When you love someone genuinely, from the heart, having those butterfly rummaging in your stomach when think, see or hear the persons voice, it is hard to ignore, resent, or take them for granted because its feels like your every breath is dependent on them. Tell me will you ignore such person? VERY UNLIKELY.

2 - Consolation relationship: This kind happens when
someone is just out of a relationship and because they don't want people to talk or see them as hurting, they jump into the first relationship that comes their way not because the want it but so as not be seen alone. Or maybe they are being courted by someone, pestered and the only way to get rid of the  person is to accept, saying "let me just manage him/her till i see my kind or person". With such reason behind their acceptance, you find out that they are hardly into the relationship, intimacy is like a huge task to them, they are in it for the name and not for the essence of it.

3 - Rebound: This is similar to consolation but in this case, you are being used to make the other person jealous; to show that they have moved on but in the real sense they haven't. As such you find neglects, unloved, being taken for granted and the likes.
On the whole lot, relationship should be all about:

A) Friendship
B) Companionship
C) Courtship
After these you now have
D) Intimacy( this is not necessary but because most people feel it solidifies relationships).
E) Sexuality( this also can wait till after marriage).

Sometimes the absence of the above might not necessarily be the reason for lack of love, unhappiness, resentment, neglect etc. One major reason people neglect is BOREDOM: This is one terrible factor people often overlook in relationships and marriages. You MUST, I REPEAT YOU MUST ALWAYS try and do everything humanly possible to spice up your relationships because if you don't and BOREDOM sets in, believe me, that relationship is in its final chapter. You have to keep your relationships and marriages on it's toes. Let there be Surprises, suspense; something to always look forward to. Keep the flame alive in your life, relationships and marriage and there will NEVER be a dull moment to give room for unhappiness, resentment, lack of intimate/sexual muss, being taken for granted and the likes.

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