Monday, 8 May 2017


I didn't know Nancy from Adam, she'd called me up just like many of my scores of readers. Only thing was that she hadn't called to say the regular nice words and tell me how well we were doing, she had a problem weighing on her mind and she needed to unburden her heart to me. We agreed on day and time and at exactly 3 p.m. on the agreed day, our receptionist showed her into my office. She was a lot more mature, quite older than whom I'd expected to see. Her sweet, lovely voice on the phone gave me the impression she was a younger person. I didn't expect her intimidating height either. Nancy stood at about six feet tall and had a great figure to go with it. And she was quite pretty too, the sort of woman most guys would kick themselves in the butt to possess.
"Sorry, Wale, for insisting I had to personally meet with you, I know you're a very busy person..."
"It's alright, Nancy, that's what we're here for," I'd assured her. "Now, tell me, what is it you wanted to talk about?"
Nancy stared blankly into space for a fleeting moment and then exhaled sharply. Something was indeed preying on her pretty little mind. 

"I am a thoroughly confused woman right now, Wale," Nancy launched into her story. "I have been dating these two guys for some time now. For various reasons, I love both of them differently. One of them, Dave, is a cool guy who loves me so much. I can tell you this guy could give me one of his kidneys if I needed it to stay alive. He's a medical doctor and he's very comfortable. And he's ready to marry me. The other guy, a banker, and good looking too, is also quite comfortable, but he doesn't show me love me quite the way Dave does. Plus the fact that he womanizes. But, Wale, this guy has something else that Dave doesn't have..."she let it hang, her voice trailing off slightly.

"And what could that possibly be?" I'd thrown at her, curious to hear from her. 
"Wale, this guy is the only guy I've been with that knows how to make feel like a woman. Making love with him is like being in heaven. I know this guy doesn't love me quite the way Dave does, in fact, he's unreliable when it comes to commitment. Dave loves me, he can take care of me if I become his wife, but I know myself, Wale, I don't want to start sleeping around when I become his wife. The truth is that Dave is boring in bed, but this other guy is..."

"But I thought you said he doesn't love you." I reminded her. 
"I will make him love me if I have to, Wale," she promptly answered. "I am 27 years old and my parents are putting pressure on me to pick one of them and settle down this year or else my father will throw me out of his house. I love Dave, Wale, perhaps just as much as he loves me, but is love all I need to be happy in my marriage? Wouldn't I get bored at some point even with all the love and comfort Dave will give to me and sneak out to go meet this guy whenever I need to feel the power of a real man? Please, help me, what do I do now? I don't want a failed marriage. Who do I choose between these two guys?"

To be honest, I didn't know what to make of Nancy's dilemma. To start with, it seemed to me she already had her mind made up, so it wouldn't really matter much what I thought of her plight. I tried to let her know that love can last possibly forever, or at least longer than great sex, but that didn't make any difference to her. I wanted to tell her that the most enduring gift any man could give a woman is pure unadulterated love and not money or great sex, still, that didn't cut any ice with her. And as I write this, I seriously begin to wonder, what does a woman really want? Do you know? Please share your thoughts with us by sending in your comments.