Monday, 15 May 2017


Some have described men to be like wild horses, they can be easily scared. There are lots of things women do that can set guys scampering away at a gallop. Most times, women do not even realize they 're the reason Mr. Charming simply disappeared. They're so engulfed in their desire to have their perfect man, walk down the isle with him and build their dream home that they fail to see that they're probably saying or doing the right things at the wrong time. Here are five of some of the things women do that frighten men off.

1. COMMITMENT PRESSURE: Women often say that men are scared of commitment. Newsflash: they're not. What they're scared of is commitment too soon, and 'too soon' simply means before he's thought of it himself.
You can't be the one leading the way when it comes to anything like moving in to join him or getting married. When you meet a new man, never make the mistake of letting him know you have a boyfriend vacancy or vacuum in your life that he can just hop into and take advantage of. This whole process of long term commitment take a while to sink in sometimes, so don't force it, it could boomerang if you do.

2. INSECURITY: The first three months of a relationship should be easy and fun, happy and light hearted. It's not the time to start saying stuffs like, "I don't like sex, I don't like my boobs, they're too small and I've noticed you prefer big boobs," etc. We are all insecure at one point or the other, but drumming these into your man's head every minute might just begin to get him wondering if he made the right choice in the first place. You have got to love yourself the way you are, if you don't, nobody else will. Not even your partner. You must understand that men and women have different ways of bonding. Men only tell problems to one another when they're looking for solutions. If you start telling your man all of your problems in life all at once, especially if they're finance related, he'll assume you want him to fix them all and he'll feel overwhelmed. He'll start thinking, "this girl seems to have a lot of stuff going on at the moment, I can't cope with all this, I have my own issues too."

3. TOO MATERIALISTIC: A lot of women are guilty of this. They get too consumed about jewelry, shoes, clothings, etc. It's literally all they live for. And most times, these stuffs don't come cheap, and some guys are familiar with their price tags. So, how do you imagine a guy will react when he finds out that you expect him to be picking up some of these bills for you, more so when he knows its going to be a passion of a lifetime for you. No man wants a woman who will always be drilling holes in his pockets all the time. 

4. JEALOUSY: Truth is, if a man loves you, he will automatically feel you're pursued by other men all the time. He'll think you're so beautiful that you can't walk into a place without men circling around you. Most ladies take undue advantage of this. Once there's a little rift or misunderstanding between you and your guy, don't go about trying to make him feel jealous by picking calls of your toasters and admirers in his presence. Sometimes, some guys find it hard to believe you're not even dating these guys. And once that kind of feeling begins to creep in, then there will be trouble!

5. OVER-REACTING: Men like a spirited strong woman, that's for sure, but they see strong in a very specific way. Most men don't take it lightly when the woman hits the roof over every little issue or when she picks up the phone and calls up her man raving like a house on fire over issues that could be easily settled. If you do this often, embarrassing your man in the process, he will surely waka far away from you!

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