Monday, 15 May 2017

The Power of Friendship in Marriage

Friendship is number one key in a healthy marriage, followed by open communication. One of the goals to control infidelity is a constant flow of bonding and intimacy (intimate gestures) in and out of the bedroom. When your spouse cheats on you, it's not always mainly because of sex, sometimes there may be many more underlying issues that contribute to the action. Staying faithful is a decision. Its a conscious effort you make to remain devoted to your partner no matter what the situation is. We all need to stay prayerful, focused, committed, content, exercise self control and discipline. To continue to grow in love, tolerance is also a much needed ingredient. Above all, having the fear of God is vital. It's the constant need to reverence Him and obey His word.   Couples need to continue bonding and showing each
other love and affection through intimate gestures. it keeps your relationship  fresh and healthy. Never underestimate the power of a "touch."  *Hug him/her for no apparent reason, let it linger. *Hug, kiss or peck, before you both depart for the day with an make sure you bless spouse, words like i love you and God bless your day should be like rhymes to your mouth .
* Cuddle on the couch and in bed builds a strong bond which penetrates to your soul.
* Hold hands sometimes when you seat together 

* Be in a habit of sending chats, romantic messages to your spouse ,  

Occasionally give him/her a back massage/pedicure. *Send love texts, tell him/her the reason you love them or why you appreciate them so much. *Praise your spouse for small efforts made. *Make a habit of praying together at least once a week. Be proactive in love and make the effort. It's time to stop wishing you have a good marriage, every little helps and goes a long way. Remember that the grass is only greener when you nurture it. Admit to one another your struggles. Faithfulness requires consistency and transparency. Don't wait on your spouse to make changes alone. It all starts with both of you.

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