Tuesday, 9 May 2017


There are a lot of things some couples did together while they were still just dating or in the early stage of their marriage and they stop once they are married or when they start having kids or as the years go by. One of those things is going out to have fun together. When couples go out on evening strolls, that brings an "unexplainable" spark in their marriage and friendship. They get to bond better and such marriages do not get boring. Make it a habit to take your spouse out on dinner dates, to a lounge, and to parties every now and then. Marriages tend to work better for couples that are best friends to each other, doing fun things together and creating fun memories together will help tighten that friendship. Some people think a husband or a wife should be just that and nothing more, and that is wrong. Your spouse should be your best friend, confidant, number one fan, supporter, gossip partner and all. Sometimes issues come up in marriages because of the distance between couples, lack of bond between them and lack of understanding, and what better way to have that strong bond and to understand your partner better, than to do things together, to always be in the company of each other while you have the best moments of your life? Little things like eating together and watching movies together also count a lot.

Another thing you should never stop doing is getting gifts for each other. Surprise your spouse with gifts or romantic
gestures every now and then. Do not limit the surprises to only on their birthdays or on your anniversaries.

Bottom line is, what you were doing while you were just boyfriend and girlfriend or when you were newly married should not stop. And if you were not doing anything of such then it's time you start. Spice up your marriage, this is the modern world, not back then when couples had boring marriages with no connection between them and had no ideas what to do for fun.

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