Thursday, 11 May 2017


We need to take a critical look at this feminine phenomenon that has been with us for a while now. What exactly is the average woman looking for in a man? How can we understand the way the mind of a woman works? How can men see into that pretty little mind of the woman and come to grasp with the complexities of the female specie? To hit the subject right on the button, the question on the lips of some men who have been left puzzled by the complex nature of the woman is, what does a woman really want from her man? Do they know specifically what it is they want in a man? Is it a man who's got lots of loving to give that they desire, or a man who's got the crispiest wads of cash to throw around? Or, more interestingly, is it the man who can set the bedroom on fire with great sex? Without a doubt, this is one debate that will always linger on for a long time to come. And while we won't delude ourselves that we can put this debate to rest here, what we merely seek to do is to let you have a feel of what a handful of celebrity women in our midst think of the aforementioned subject. In this chat with some popular actresses, WALE LAWAL reached out to them sometime ago via HINTS magazine and got them to share their thoughts on the issue. Enjoy and let us know what you think afterwards. 

I will say love because it is love that will bring all the things you mentioned. I believe a woman needs love the most because love is all giving. When you're in love, you will have the need to give repeatedly without counting the cost. So, as far as I am concerned, a woman needs love.

Its hard to say really. Its hard to pick one out of the lot. I say the total package, love, money and great sex. I do not think its too much to have all three, is it? 

A woman's desire in a relationship varies from one individual to the other. While some may choose love and be willing to cope without the other two, others simply cannot do without one of the three. For me, the three are very important, but I think that love is the most important of all. 

Love, of course! Love matters a whole lot in every relationship. Its like the foundation every relationship is built on. Love first, and then every other thing can follow. To be honest, its great to have all three, but love, for me, is the most important.

It has to be love. Every woman loves money. Money is good. And even the other one you talked about is important too, but at the end of the day, its love that comes first. 

My answer is simple; Love, money and great sex, in that order. Everyone of these three things is very, very important. 

I believe that sex is important in a marriage or relationship, so is money. But love is supreme, because without love there is no way the union can work, irrespective of the money or sex. So, I believe a woman needs love the most because that is the only logical reason for a good union anyway. Money will come and go, good sex will not last forever, but love and true love can last and sustain the marriage once it is genuine. 

To me, every woman wants the three things if it is possible. The three, money, love and great sex are intertwined together. If there is money and no love or great sex, there will be problems. Also, if there is love and no money or great sex, there will definitely be problems. So, to me, a woman needs the three. 

Love, money and great sex, believe me, all three are really important. Honestly. you need finance for security, and sex is very important too, otherwise the lady might be tempted to look elsewhere. But I think the most important is love. It is not easy for a woman to cope with the absence of one or two of them in a marriage or relationship. Everyone of these three is important. 

The three of them are important, I believe they complement each other. Love is encompassing, true love is wonderful. I believe in love. But then if you have money and then a wonderful spouse who gives you great sex, then life will be beautiful. The three of them put together will be wonderful, but love is most important.

Love keeps a woman and assures her about the relationship. Money is important because you need to look good both physically and health wise. Sex too is very important, great sex is good. But love is most important and it covers everything. Love is giving, love is good, but you need to get every other thing; money and great sex. God loves us so we need to give love, it is important. To me, the three things are encompassing, but love is most important. 

I believe a woman's needs differ with age. For some, it is love and money while some need the total package. And others just want great sex and money. You can't say exactly what a woman really wants because their minds are weak and they confuse lots of stuff together. 

Basically I think the average woman is looking for peace of mind. Though there are some women who go looking for love elsewhere if they can't find it in the man they love. Some seek finacial comfort if they think its lacking in their marriage or relationship; this actually varies from one individual to the other. But ultimately, the woman is looking for peace of mind.

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